Unban request

      Unban request

      Nick: Hero#S

      Serial: 915FD7A3DA1ADDCBD212B088C17F0502

      Admin / Member: Bass

      Date and time: Tuesday 26/7/2016 at 18:15

      The reason was: Threatening with ddos

      I want an unban because: Well, I am sorry for threatining you with ddosing. I also want to specially apologize to bass because i offended him. I haven't been playing carball for 3 months or more, I guess. Carball took a part of my life so I want to get that part back. I suffered much in these 3 months because i had no communication with the carballers as I took them as my family. I have only 1 year left in school then i will have to go to the university so I will have no time to play carball again as the education here in egypt is way to hard to tolerate. I would appreciate if you gave me another chance to play again.

      Thanks for reading, Lads.
      He has nothing to forgive me for. I am glad we hate eachother and i dont want to have anything in common with a person who is telling muslims not to get offended when they are called isis and bombers but in the same time got deeply butthurt when i called him nazi hitler and even banned me heheheh.