League Season #4 - Votings!

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    League Season #4 - Votings!

    League Season #4 - Votings!

    Hello dear Carballer!

    As you can read in the title this is a thread, made for the Season 4 which is coming soon.
    Therefor the tournament leaders had some thinkings about new innovations and we would to involve you all how you think about this ideas!

    If u scroll down you will see all the polls for the innovations you can vote for and i hope everyone from you will participate. The votes are from 18.01 - 25.01.
    The League is for us all so everyone should make for himself an opinion and as cute as it was said at our vote for the new prezident in Austria: who doesnt vote should not wonder if the result is another one than you expected. :)

    Together for a better season!

    Overview and Results

    #1 - Supercup as Ceremony? [ 20 : 1 ]
    #2 - Championship besides the League? [ 19 : 1 ]
    #3 - 2x9 min matches or 1x15 min matches? [ 9 : 14 ]
    #4 - Transfers during the league allowed? [ 18 : 6 ]
    #5 - Homestadiums for each club? [ 11 : 13 ]
    #6 - Forbid offside goals? [ 5 : 18 ]
    #7 - Penalty system? [ 9 : 14 ]
    #8 - Goal Difference or Direct Comparision? [ 10 : 13 ]
    #9 - New Kickoff Rule [ 7 : 15 ]
    #10 - Are you ready? [ February/March ]

    #edit: btw, pls dont write any answer until i finished with creating the polls. Thanks!

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    Supercup as Ceremony? 21
      Yes! (20) 95%
      No! (1) 5%
    The first idea is about the Supercup.

    As in reallife, the winner of a championship and the league winner of 1 country are facing of as celebration for the new league. This would be for all incoming leagues from now on. After the Supercup the league starts officially. But if the League winner is the championship winner, Place 1 and Place 2 of the League will play instead. As we dont had a Championship before, this season the Supercup would be Carball Club Zero vs The venomous Toads.

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    Championship besides the League? 20
      Yes! (19) 95%
      No! (1) 5%
    This Season could have the League and the Championship.

    As in every League it is common to have the first split/round , a short rest and then the second split/round. The qualification starts at the ending of the first split. Who reaches place 1, 2 and 3 is automatically qualified for the Championship. Place 4 and 5 will have to face off each other in a best of 3 independend of the Goal Difference. Place 1 will play the half finals then vs Place 4/5 and Place 2 vs Place 3. The winners are going into the final, there is no match for place 3 between the 2 who lost. The finals and the half finals are played in a best of 5 also independend of the Goal Difference.
    2x9min matches or 1x15min matches? 22
      2 x 9 min (9) 41%
      1 x 15 min (14) 64%
      2x9 min in League and 1x15 min in Championship (4) 18%
    Here we had also the idea of the match length.

    Atm we have 1 match which lasts 15 minutes. But how about having instead 1 match which has 9 minutes, a rest and then again 9 minutes? Between the 2 matches every team will have a short rest of 5 minutes so they can get fresh air and build up a complete new tactic. Nonsense? maybe not, there were in history a lot of matches in clubwars which was won in the 2nd clubwar match by the team which was losing the 1st match. The 3rd vote you can choose is also to have the 15 min matches for championship (if there will be one) and the 2x9 min matches in the league. But thats your decision, i just arrange the polls :bitchplease:
    Transfers during Season allowed? 24
      Yes! (18) 75%
      No! (6) 25%
    Now we are coming to the Transfers.

    The first League we declined Clubjumping was the 3rd League. Everyone will remind for sure that idea and so you can vote again how you think about, should everyone leave and join how they want or should there be strict rules and a scheme for transfering?

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    Homestadiums for each Club? 24
      Yes! (11) 46%
      No! (13) 54%
    Lets talk now about the Stadiums.

    Every Club should have the possibility to decide for 1 Arena between the Common Arena, Neon United I and Neon United II so they play there at the home matches. That should give the home team a better feeling to play at their own home. Maybe in future we will be also possible to make new arenas but here is the poll: should every club decide a stadium for themselves or should all play at the common stadium?

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    Forbid offside goals? 23
      Yes! (5) 22%
      No! (18) 78%
    Should we forbid offside goals?

    Everyone should know what is a offside goal, that should be requirement to vote here. If as example Frenk is behind all 3 enemys and receives a pass from a teammate he is not allowed to score this direct. He has to play on like doing a pass to the wall or to play it to another teammate. If he scores that shot it is declined. It is NOT offside if he starts sprinting BEFORE the pass was given and he overrunns the defender. It is also NOT offside if Frenk and Namez are in front of all defenders at their goal and Frenk passes to Namez and Namez score it. Well, read in internet what is offside and what not xD But here is the poll
    Penalty System? 23
      Yes! (9) 39%
      No! (14) 61%
    Everyone knows it! You blocked a good shot and its a goal for you, you shot a dreamgoal but you rammed without intention the enemies defender, INVALID!. Sync, ram, whatever. But you still scored the goal huh? Instead of Cancelling the goal we got the idea of the penalty system.

    The Team who receives the goal get 1 Free Kickoff and the goal of the other team must be open. From the start when the Ball is jumping at the kickoff the team which has received the goal have 5 second to touch the ball just ONCE. IF they misshit the ball in the 5 seconds the game plays on. IF the ball reaches the 0 kmh and it is not in the Goal the match is played on. IF the ball is shot at the post the game is is played on. But if they score the penalty it is 1:1 again.

    Why this idea? Imagine you scored a goal with a ram you didnt want or you scored a goal with a short lag, it was not your fault that you got this lag there but you scored the goal. So if the other team wants the 1:1 they should get the possibility to score themselve one, if they cant score a penalty it is still 0:1. You can vote :p
    Goal Difference or Direct Comparision? 23
      GD (10) 43%
      DC (13) 57%
    GD or DC? Who gets his place? How is it managed?

    If it is by Goal Difference the team is placed better who has more + than the others if they have the same amount of points. If it is Direct Comparision the team is better placed from 2 which has better played in their matches ( vT 24 P / Zero 24 P - vT vs Zero was 4-5 so Zero is better placed than vT atm)
    New Kickoff Rule? 22
      Yes! (7) 32%
      No! (15) 68%
    Forbid Kalamirs Kickoff!

    Maybe that will think all but no. :p The new Kickoff Idea is that the Kickoff belongs to that team that received a goal. How long to they get the kickoff? until the ball first drops down. If it hits the 1st time the floor, all players are allowed to hunt the ball. But until this time the team which scored the last goal has to stay outside of the circle and is not allowed to interrupt the other team at performing their Kickoff.
    Are you Ready?! 23
      February (14) 61%
      March (13) 57%
      April (8) 35%
      May (4) 17%
      June (3) 13%
    So, the last question is about IF YOU ARE READY?!
    I would like to know when in your opinion is the best moment to start this new season so far. Also because i would like to know if there are new clubs incoming or not and how much time you would need so vote vote vote!
    15min or 2x 9min: It will make it even harder for me to collect all ss and score + you dont see the final result wich may confuse players.

    Homestadiums: As you know we got only 3 big arenas with 2 of them having some bugs (correct me if im wrong) so this should only be discussed if we got 1. more maps or 2. old maps fixed.

    New kickoff: I just dont like it that much as we always played like this and do, this would just steal players with a good kickoff one of their skills.

    Penalty system: Its mostly a good idea but your should make some exceptions like sync goals are always canceled.
    About home stadiums. First the important thing for those who are interested. That new kickoff often done by Kalamir and some others can't be used (or at least not the the exact same way) on the other arenas, because the ball there is way too high and on Neon United I the stadium is too wide and certainly, the advantage some players gain from this kickoff on Neon Soccer map can't be used on the other stadiums (I already said, or at least not the exact same way).

    Now Mechanic sent me a new stadium (Carball Universal Stadium), which can be seen on his website. I sent it to Barbawix. The other 2 stadiums (Neon United I and Neon United II) has small bugs (just sometimes, the ball doesn't bounce away from the walls on certain places, not on all), which are totally fixable according to Mechanic. He told me that Pipo and/or Merlin for example could totally fix them and it's script related. So I please anyone who can fix that to share it or Merlin and Pipo be told to do at least that for the start of the league. There is another stadium - Carball Neptune. A really good one, would be glad to see it on the server.

    Now you can change your votes for home stadiums xD
    @Race I have the custom goal files of neon soccer somewhere. I think those goals work the best in carball (the half/rounded ones) the others make the ball stuck behind it a lot :okay: So if Mechanic can remove the goals from his arenas it should be totally possible to add all new arenas without it glitching behind the goal. And I can try to add the collission/script files as well and if I fail doing this Merlin might be able to assist with this. :bean: