Tournament outside of Neon - Recruitment

      Tournament outside of Neon - Recruitment

      Hello Neon fellas

      As the title says, this thread is about recruitment into a tournament that's organized by 6s. This tournament is called MTT, and its based on all MTA pro-gaming gamemodes, such as DM,DD, Race(checkpoints) and Shooter. I usually find someone to play with, but this time i didn't somehow :foreveralone: :okay:
      It is quite a large tournament and i like such competitions just like this one. The team should consists of 5 to 8 players. Right now we are 3 ( me, Barb and Hero ). So if you are interested in representing Neon in this tournament, leave a reply in here or lemme know on skype ! :allthethings: ( Here is something more about it: Sixth Sense: MTT II - Sixth Sense )
      PS: You dont have to be that skilled, it is about fun ! :bitchplease:
      Edit: The tournament is taking a place during a summer.
      Edit2: Team is full for now, thanks everyone <3

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      Deamonik wrote:

      PS: You dont have to be that skilled

      Say no more!! :bitchplease:
      I can be part of the shooter, if its shooter (so ground-shooter not with jumps) jump shooter is stupid if you want to go in the air just go play hunter :bitchplease:

      And I can be spare for some other game modes etc... would be fun.
      I don't have much spare time though.. so I don't know how demanding it is??
      (How many evenings will there be played etc)
      Thats cool, we need a shooter guy ! :lol: Well the match consist of 20 rounds, 5 rounds of each gamemode. ( 5 rounds of shooter , unfortunately even it is split to 3 without jumps and 2 with jumps :cry: ). It starts approximately in a month i believe, and will last during the summer. Matches are set at the evening, but with many teams signed in, there is a big chance that match can be played during a week, what just might be unsuitable for you :bean: Not sure about the group stage and knock-out system yet, but i guess there will be like 3-5 matches... ( depends if we get far in the tournament or not ) .. I dont know all infos yet unfortunately.