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    Carball Season 4 - Ending


    as you may have noticed from the title, the Carball Season 4 has come to an end today 10th of July, 2017, after roughly four months since it had started, playing matches every single week, just to fight for glory and honor. We have come a long way alltogether, suffering and overcoming different problems that have surged during the season. Nevertheless now that we're entering the off-season, we will probably have to deal with more! :trollface:

    As we know, this league has been seperated in different "mini"-tournaments, such as the League itself, and with the new additions of this season: the Supercup and Championship. Let's check that out, shall we? :allthethings:

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    The League started in the second week, at the 1st of April, 2017 and ended at the 25th of June, 2017. As a summary, I would say it has been a great league, with obviously the exception of the teams that quit: The Snow Leopards, a club that started strong in the first week and managed to position themselves ahead, to the surprise of many, and Urban BerserkerZ, a team that sadly didn't do as well. There was also another sad time, the ban of almost the whole roster of The #Snakes, whose reasons are well explained in this thread About the most recent drama, and due to it we had to remake all the threads concerning the Season, between other stuff. You can inform yourself better in the thread above.

    Passing over that, let's first check the statistics and then let's call out the so called winners. :bean:
    Player that scored the most number of goals: FolTn, with 67 total goals scored.
    Player that assisted in the most number of goals: Barbawix, with 34 total assists made.
    Player that saved the most number of goals: Driver, with 96 total saves.
    Player with the most score: FolTn, with a total of 8175 score.
    Player with the most clean-sheets: Partyz, with 3 games.
    Player with the higuest amount of hattricks: FolTn, with a total of 10 hattricks.
    Player with the higuest amount of MVP's: Hummels, being MVP a total of six times.
    Player that refereed the most: Deamonik, with a total of 15 matches refereed.
    Team with the best defense: Shadow Wolves, with letting 42 goals in.
    Team with the best offense: Shadow Wolves, with scoring 172 goals in.

    The winners of League Season 4 are Shadow Wolves, a club that has been around for years, started as a VIP, then named themselves Upper Class, and finally getting the name we know them for today on. They applied to many, many tournaments, and (always) failed on getting the title, however it seems that motivation wins over the rest and managed this year to be theirs!

    Shadow Wolves' roster is as follows: Deamonik, Rio, Partyz, Barbawix, FolTn and Lay-Z! Congratultions over your victory and shall you defend the title the next time!

    Following them, there is a club that noone expected them to archieve this much, Scorpions, a club only made for the League and got created just days before it. The roster they got for this year's League was Hamza, Snowy, GhosT, MiT0 and Msekni. However they got trouble during the middle of the league and the last two ended quitting, adding Kath in the last two weeks so they could play. It's obvious all the credits for this position go to the guys earlier mentioned!

    Second position is possibly the worst position, having the doors to the first one just at reach. However let's hope they get motivation for the next league and choose to recreate the club after their closure. Congratulations on the second place!

    And just at the back of these guys, the winner of the second season, Venomous Toads encounter themselves in the third position! Sadly they lost their title last year and didn't manage to regain it this year. Nevertheless third position is not that bad either! And even less so knowing they only ended one position behind just because one single point.

    The Venomous Toads' roster is: Frenk, Ivo, Fabian, Namelezz, Hepy and MeD. Let's hope you guys have more luck next year, congratulations on the third place!

    The championship started at the 19th of May, 2017, and ended at the 2nd of July, 2017.

    After numerous matches, the two teams that managed to advance to the finals were Shadow Wolves and Venomous Toads, where Shadow Wolves ended up ahead thus claiming their title as of Championship's Champions! Congratulations!

    There had been only two matches of the Supecup, one at the beggining of the season, at the 27th of March, 2017, where the last League's champion, Zero, had to play against the second position, Venomous Toads. However, at the time, Zero had been closed, thus The #Snakes took place. Venomous Toads came ahead and claimed the first position of the Supercup for last year's!

    The other match was right at the end of the season, at the 2nd of July, 2017, where the League's first place had to play against the championship winner. As Shadow Wolves got both titles, Scorpions, who was second position in the League was the chosen one.

    Shadow Wolves won once again, claiming Supercup's title as well. Congratulations!
    Special thanks to all the referees, the players, the clubs and overall everyone who plays Carball. Also thanks to Tjong who created the gamemode itself and Merlin for setting up the server for us to play on. Hopefully there is another season in the near future! This one is now over!

    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.

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