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      Unban Request

      Nick: James
      Serial: 11298408DF828D8BB21770E69CB09391
      Admin / Member: Kath
      Date and time: 16th of June 2017
      The reason was: Several Stuff (at that moment)
      I want an unban, because: First of all: at the beginning i didnt even know why i got banned so i started asking many other Member/Admins for my reasons. After kinda everyone told me another thing Anal asked for me Kath Ingame about my ban reasons because he banned me back then and thats what i found out.


      When i got banned i wasnt even racist in this "fight" where Snakes suddenly got banned, i hardly said 1 word, kept mostly out and tried to solve it with Barba in the arena chat so idk where i was a racist. And Admin Abusement should be punished by following the "Kick System" with warnings and conclusion afterwards from the Membership and not with a ban tbh. With Right Abusement was meant that a player offended my club and i muted him many times so he stops thought he got unmuted again. If the decision to mute him was too hard then i apologise for it, i dont ask you to make me Member again but imo punishing a wrong mute with a ban is a bit exaggerated..

      At the beginning i didnt even want to write an unban request cuz i was so angry why i got banned in this fight although i was the one who did the least there and kept out most. But once i got by random on the carball vids ive made and I saw how much fun i had once with the player-friends i have made over 3 years on this server, such like happy, shinny, ivan, spiderbru and a lot of others (drogba not you anymore, hats down for the betrayal) so i started to miss it a bit.

      The point is, i just want to play with the others again and this chance is taken away thought there were no ban reasons for me when this fight was. There are still ppl who may mean that they dont like me at all but think about it neutral if this is fair at all thought reason A) doesnt even exist cuz im no racist at all and B) , a mute, shouldnt be handled with a ban reason because there is the Kick-System.

      Best regards
      As I told you already, in my opinion the perm ban was way too harsh. We got an internal warning system, which should have been used in this case. This kick from the clan was actually the most stupid thing ever.

      Anyways, a yes from me.
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      The vote ended with 4 members voting for an unban and 4 against you.

      Due to a decision from the Section Leaders, you've been unbanned. :minus1:

      Neon is truly corrupted with me in the leadership. :(
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