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      Well, i wanted to give my opinion from long. (I was one of most active players) Ivo & Foltn maybe deserved a ban of a maximum 3-4 weeks. But i was really surprised about Frenk, except the shit he did when mito banned him there was nothing wrong , his behaviour is so good, i really don't understand why he is banned. Kekz did more than 300 shits worse than this and he got punished only after really so long time (Ivo and Frenk did his same shits sometimes , but when you ask them to stop , they stop) let say the truth , it's 'was' just unfair community, If you remember sabrina got banned directly because she was racist agaisnt a turk guy (burak or drogba) and kekz was always racist against arabs and turks and got no shit. Anyway, this three guys didn't deserve it like that, it's was unfair or stupid action , because ivo+foltn can get fixed with some warnings or short ban not one year, and the action on frenk was totally stupid. This server-community made us worse: Last days , i was playing DD, there was a mate who said a provoking joke about arabs then he noticed i'am arab because i said ''We won't kill you xD'' he was so sorry , i was so surprised , he kept apologising me so hard, i thought he is weird then i found that the problem is on me, on us.
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