Application by Seish

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      Application by Seish

      Nick(s): Seish
      Birthdate: 6-12-2001
      Country: Egypt
      Languages: English , French and Arabic
      Contact-Information: || E-Mail: || Skype: || OR discord : Treze#5938
      Something about your MTA-Career:I started playing MTA somewhen around 2014. I started with playing CIT a Cops Vs Criminals server i had alot of fun there with my friends. Then i found neon it was my second server to find. I met really awesome people in here ( I don't wanna mention names so i don't forget anyone ). My favourite part of neon or game mode i mean was carball, it was the most i ever enjoyed and played. It was pretty unique and different. Even thought it was fancy but i really enjoyed.
      Why do you want to join Neon?: Well recently i have started playing carball again with my friend and i was shocked with the amount of spammers and rule breakers that really raised alot since the time i stopped playing at so i had like to help as I am back and enjoying the game mode once again :D . One more reason I am applying because lately i haven't seen any admin or moderator online so far so i really had like to help.
      How can you support Neon or the community?:
      Well i have alot that i can contribute. I can focus on keeping the chat clean and tidy from these rule breakers. I can help in keeping the Carball server running smoothly without any issues or problems between players. I will try to get rid of the toxicness.
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you

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