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      Application By Amr

      Nick (s): Js.#Amr
      Birthdate: 11/01/1997
      Country: Egypt
      Languages: English, Arabic, German
      Contact Information: || E-Mail: | | Discord : || Reesha # 3805
      Something about your MTA Career: I want to make it work Neon Gaming is better, I want to help anyone, I want to do everything The admins Tell me, I will do my best. I've been playing it for 2/3 years, And i was playing in the first os, then i started playing dm then shooter, i always likes neon bcs it has everything, if There are many bugs and not-working scripts on the server , I ' d like to fix them
      so long, because it's so funny, it's so good, and it's so good things.
      How can you support Neon or the community ?: i will do anything to make it better and best server in MTA, i would like to be A member of the team, and i will always put it on my mind that we're more than family ♥

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