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    Your Application!

    Your Application

    • We will only accept applications from people which have played at least 48 hours on United or got 30.000 score on the Carball server!
    • We will only accept applications from people which are registered on our forum since 4 weeks!
    • Ex-Members can apply anytime, if they are still welcome!
    • If you get declined you may try it again after two weeks.
    • Your application will be declined if it's not like the example!
    • Don't forget to take a significant headline like "Application by [NICK]".

    That's how you apply as a Neon United trial:
    Please copy the code below!

    Application by John.Doe

    Nick(s): John.Doe
    Birthdate: 25th March 1987
    Country: Germany
    Languages: German, English, Spanish
    Contact-Information: || E-Mail: || Skype: JoHnDoE||
    Something about your MTA-Career: Tell us something about your MTA-Career. At least 4 sentences.
    Why do you want to join Neon?: Tell us your reasons.
    How can you support Neon or the community?: Tell us your reasons.

    Please fill in your informations here! Write your answer after the [ /color ]!

    Copy this:

    Source Code

    1. [shadow=black][color=lawngreen][b]Nick(s):[/b][/color]
    2. [color=lawngreen][b]Birthdate:[/b][/color]
    3. [color=lawngreen][b]Country:[/b][/color]
    4. [color=lawngreen][b]Languages:[/b][/color]
    5. [color=lawngreen][b]Contact-Information:[/b][/color] || [color=lawngreen]E-Mail:[/color] || [color=lawngreen]Skype:[/color] ||
    6. [color=lawngreen][b]Something about your MTA-Career:[/b][/color]
    7. [color=lawngreen][b]Why do you want to join Neon?:[/b][/color]
    8. [color=lawngreen][b]How can you support Neon or the community?:[/b][/color][/shadow]

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