Some info

      So yeah as you all noticed the forum isn't being used,
      i and some others saw this comming but yeah its a bit sad.

      I will try to make events and stuff after a week or so, United was/is comming and that will be getting all the attention (and deserves it).
      I also had a test week with important exams and that takes some time away as well.
      The fact that i became a SL of United/Fun also took some of my time but that was also cause of the talk we had to do and i will have more free time to focus on this section.

      Note that this section wasn't made with the purpose of me doing everything, it also needs the community to do stuff themselves.

      Im planning to make scheduled League of Legends ranked matches (evening probably).
      Im alot into Rts games (old ones though), and will make some threads after that week to see who plays RTS games that i also have/play so we can make some cool matches as well.

      Iron :nyancat: