Carball Easter Tournament

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    Carball Easter Tournament

    It's time for Neon to host another of it's highly popular Carball Tournaments!
    This time it's the Easter Carball Tournament!

    Easter Carball Tournament

    Thank you for participating!!

    How does the tournament work?

    A minimum of 8 teams must apply for the tournament to be played.
    The maximum number of teams is 16.
    Every match will be 15 minutes long.
    How can I participate?

    The tournament will be played with classic 3 vs. 3 teams.
    A team must consist of 3 players or more. The teamsize is not limited. (we highly suggest to have a team with 4 or more players as it quite often happens that 1 or more players from a team cannot come or have internet problems etc... resulting in a team having only 2 players (or less). Players don't have to be registered.
    You must choose one captain for the whole team. He/she is responsible for his or her team. He/she is also the one who has apply for his or her team.
    When does it begin?

    You can no longer apply.

    - A.E.e
    - The #Snakes Alpha
    - The #Snakes Beta
    - The Mighty Banana Slugs
    - The Beasts
    - Haze
    - Carball Club A
    - Carball Club B
    - X1
    - X2

    Tournament rules:
    - Maximum Ping: 150 ms
    - Minimum FPS: 25
    - All matches are played in the "Neon Soccer" arena
    - Winning team in group stage gets 3 points, losing team gets 0 points
    - You are only allowed to use your listed players/the captain (Changes are allowed, thought they have to be requested by the captains, and only tournament staff (not including refs) will be allowed to accept a request!))
    - It's recommended to wear your teams tag
    - Your team shoud use the team slot that is reserved for you
    - Your team should listen to the referees or the Referees
    - You have to deal with ragequits, timeouts and stuff like that yourself.
    - Please do not pressure the matchmakers/members for match times, use the forum or the quick link:
    - Substituting is allowed at any time
    - A Refs word is final. This means that debating or arguing will not help. Respect the referees and their decisions.
    Referee's are allowed to kick people if they think they do not follow the rules.
    Only the Tournament Staff is allowed to start a match or to interfere during matches.
    - Top two teams from each group advance through to the Quarterfinals.
    - Please follow the standard server rules

    Stuff not to do:
    Blocking (blocking a certain player from moving or from reaching the ball, the ref will decide whether or not someone is blocking)
    -Ramming (ref will decide whether or not he will punish him or her).
    -Disrespectful behavior towards the other team

    Respect the Tournament Staff and listen to them!
    Tournament Staff/Referees

    - Ironorange (Organizer, Referee)
    - Race (Referee)

    I want to ask Neon members, to come to me if they want to help me organizing the tournament or to participate as a ref.


    Poule ACarball club AA.E.eHazeThe Mighty Banana Slugs
    Poule BX1#S Beta#S Alpha
    Poule CCarball Club BThe beastsX2

    View image: brackets (the semifinals matches will be listed in this same thread so dont worry about that yet)

    We are also planning on making another tournament with the only difference that the teams consist of 4 players and it will be played in the large arena!
    More information will come soon!

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    Teamname: The #Snakes Alpha
    Players: [AA]Ivo#S , Drogba#S , Atrax#S , Honeymustard#S
    Teamcaptain: [AA]Ivo#S


    Teamname: The #Snakes Beta
    Players: [Ne]Race#S , AL13N#S , ~SGE~#S , Rio#S
    Teamcaptain: [Ne]Race#S

    - There might be changes

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    Okey here we go: :allthethings:


    The Mighty Banana Slugs



    - MiTo (Captain)
    - Pipo
    - L!ckme

    - Bass


    Banana Slugs our beloved mascottes:


    PS: we want to have yellow cars :bean:
    PPS: If we are eliminated soon I can be a ref for other matches to come

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    Teamname: HaZe
    Players: Namelezz, Bubba, Limezz
    Teamcaptain: Namelezz
    Teamname : X1
    Players : BarbawiX, N @ @ BX, RalleX, Juan_FangioX, MouhX, Der_AsiateX
    Teamcaptain: BarbawiX


    Teamname : X2
    Players : MasterX, HeroRulezX, (CheeseX), (HaroldX), IbrahimX, SzymonX,
    Teamcaptain: MasterX

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    @Ironorange I made another way it could be played:
    (click image for larger version)

    You start with 10 teams,
    - let them all play 2 matches for points (specified in this thread)
    - top 4 teams will advance to semi-finales
    - Number 1 vs Number 3 and Number 2 vs number 4
    - Finale

    In case more teams have the same amount of points the team with the highest goal count should advance to the next round (so these need to be written down for each match)
    If people like to see 3 rounds for scoring points that's also possible but then I will have to make another table in it, edit added 3rd table in it (Optional)....

    oh I just realized this isn't really a poule system anymore.. ah well :bitchplease:

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    Ironorange wrote:

    No. and no.
    Not going to do 2 groups or elimination round.

    It looks good pipo but i will stick to those 3 poules.

    First explain to everyone here how you did this amd why you decided to shorten the application deadline date? There might be other teams considering applying for the tournament.