Report on QU4R3SMA

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    Report on QU4R3SMA

    Hey, i'm here to report QU4R3SMA for abusing, he was leaving the arena right when we score, by that we don't get any goal or even assist, still in the same game when we were almost the the end of the game he started to instakick my teamate and giving the reason of ramming i didn't saw it like he did it on purpose, to avoid getting the lost game.

    Leaving abuse - 7PmhPGb.png

    Kicks at the end - t2QMbtG.png

    Thanks for reading, Faisca.

    Well it was quaresma's arena. If he kicked Samtex after ramming, samtex should stay out. He can do what he wants in his arena. But leaving when his team gets a goal is bug abusing.

    "People already got banned for less." - Bass
    I think we should cross a line between what an arenacreator is allowed to do, and what he can do.

    I see this the same as when a member would abuse his mute rights. If he kicks people just to manipulate the score or the game, then it's abusement in my eyes.

    But queresma has been muted many times before and i think he has been banned multiple times as well.
    He made the arena. He has the right to kick people from it and there are no rules about it, except for bug abusing (avoiding a loss). He can kick anyone and he has the right to do it. Manipulating the score with it is bug-abusing. Kicking someone for ramming is not. He will play alone if he kick everyone, anyway.
    I think re-joining an arena after being kicked is also bug abusing, since the arena creator obviously dosent want you in the arena.

    "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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    Not sure why, but probably because of the X-mas feeling. The punishment he receives at this time will be a 1 week ban. If he has any violation after this time, especially bug-abusing or ruining other people their games he will receive a Perm-ban

    So basically: because it's christmas time.. he will get another chance.. and will be able to play during x-mas. :chtree:

    @ QU4R3SMA
    This is your last chance

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