Shadow Wolves

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      In the deep forests of Northrend ... There was a war, between Shadow Wolves and Coyotes. Shadow Wolves were native inhabitants of the Northrend, they were powerful and precise hunters, living in this continent for a thousands of years. Coyotes were in numerous advantage, but less powerful. They tried to conquer Northrend, because their homeland wasn't enough for them. During the war, coyotes had almost defeated Shadow Wolves, and only miracle could save them. The current chieftain of Shadow Wolves was assassinated, and replaced by the new general, chieftain Partyz. His strategy and tactics were so revolutionary, that Coyotes had to retreat, and the last battle had to decide the war.... However ....

      "Partyz, fall back! They are too many!" Rio yelled.
      Rio was beta male wolf and the right hand of the chieftain. Partyz was great fighter, but he was too forward. He tried to take cover, but it was too late. Lieutenant of Coyotes mortally bitted Partyz and he fell down. In few hours late Coyotes, were defeated and Shadow Wolves were standing over the chieftain.

      "It was pleasure to fight by your side my dear wolves," he continues, "but i .... i am not gonna make ..... make it."
      "You were the best chieftain, i could ever met, we defeated coyotes thanks to you, Partyz" Deamonik said.
      Deamonik was chieftain's advisor and a captain.
      "Not because of me, for the strenght ...... strenght of the pack is the wolf, and .... and the strenght of the wolf is the .... the pack." Partyz hardly said, with blood coming out from his mouth.
      The chieftain was very wise, and that's the reason we had won the war.
      "The new .... new chieftain is .... is ... R...Rio" After these words Partyz stopped breathing.

      Few years later after death of great leader, three Shadow Wolves were hanging around the forest in Northrend.

      "Let's kill some deers" Rio insists
      "I am hungry indeed" Lay-Z agreed. Lay-Z was old veteran of the pack of Shadow Wolves

      In few minutes later, three wolves spots strange moves in the forest.
      Deamonik noticed two Grey Wolves. "
      Who are you and what are you doing on our territory?" he asked
      "Hello, my name is Kalamir... and this is Barbawix" ..... "We are looking for a pack" they were speaking were quietly.
      "I see, you are looking to be very powerful, i think it would be great if we are together, what do you think Rio?"
      "I believe the cooperation would be great, both of us get a profit of it. I am sure you are welcomed in the Shadow Wolves." Rio replied.
      "This is great, it doesn't matter i am hungry... just keep talking" Lay-Z didn't eat for a few days, so he was angry.
      Everybody laughed and Kalamir with Barbawix joined the Shadow wolves. Rio was fabulous chieftain and new era has begun. With new wolves in the pack, we felt great and were ready for new adventures in the majesty Northrend.

      I got some free time, so decided to write a story based on the current situation in Shadow Wolves club. :)

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      Happy Birthday Shadow Wolves!

      Today our club has turned two years old! We've had hard moments last year but fortunately we overcame them. It's a pleasure to have such great guys (and a bella ragazza) in the club!

      So some statistics... since the new beginning we've played 4 club wars, won 8 out of 11 games with a total of 55 goals scored! What a promising start for this year!

      Have fun fellow carballers and may our power be with you today!