I'd say "Fair winds and following sea's". :megusta:

      Hope to see some sailing stories from you when you have internet or when you are back! :allthethings:
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      Pipo wrote:

      Could you keep using this thread for future send-offs as well Fabian? No need to make a inactive thread every few months :bean:

      Anyway good luck on the water once again Faptain :pfftch:

      I will, don't worry, normally I used to post it in the Venomous Toads topic but this is easier and better placed.
      So, a sign of life on my behalf. Currently I'm at Lagos in Nigeria, we're discharging fish from the Shetlands, UK. It's nice weather over here, or with other words bloody hot, around 42 degrees celsius in the shadow. Although it's not the heat but the people that are the problem, I first thought it couldn't be so bad but now I see it with my own eyes. This city is full of thiefs, criminals and on the street living people, they try to steal our cargo and other stuff from deck. They take a shit ontop of the forecastle and are pissing into the river whilst there buddy is fishing next to him. They ask for food, drinks and stuff all the time and it seems that's the normal way of doing things here. I kinda have a headache already after 3 days of being here because these people are freaky and you cannot trust them at all. Next thing is, the authorities, they are corrupt, they skip through every contract and try to arrest us for every letter that's wrong(for example my Seaman's book says I'm a Cadet and my contract says I'm an I/Cadet(Integraded). They gave me a penalty from 20,000 USD or 5 years jail sentence, gladly enough we could buy them off with plenty cigarettes, beer and cans of paint. But this happens all the time, everyone is corrupt and they're 'stealing' our stores. After you give them something they throw the old paper away and give you a new one with the information that there are no problems. I started to hate the country already after 2 days and now I see is that sending money to these people won't do much good, they cannot even handle it. I know I sound very negative but you should really see this with your own eyes, I don't feel safe at all.

      Saturday we depart to Port Harcourt in Nigeria, because of many piracy attacks in the gulf of Benin we'll take a route first far out of the coast(200 nautical miles) and go with a big detour to that port because the chances of being heijacked are too big. For example: last week a Russian vessel was Heijacked for the coast of Nigeria(60 miles out), it was a reefership just like I sail on right now. The captain, chief officer and two other crew members were taken hostage and untill now no sign of life have been given.

      So currently I got lots of stress and dangers in this part of the world where I would rather not come anymore, but the company still earns money here so we have to.

      That's it for now, so if you won't hear from me again then you know why!
      Hello, approaching Rebeira, La Caruña in Spain this morning, currently they have a gale warning issued for this area meaning I'm rolling and pitching with the ship a lot, although it's not that bad. The company promised to send me home before christmas, and they didn't dissapoint. Tomorrow I'm flying from Vigo via Madrid towards Amsterdam, so prepare for some carball activity and hopefully I can train a bit before the Carball League, although I'll spend my christmas with family if you don't mind, haven't seen them in a while too, haha.

      Catch up with you guys later!