Day 6

      Pressure: 7-8
      Thoughts about sex: 7
      Unwanted boners: 6

      I've made it above two weeks before and I want to be there again! Not helping right now: my job. The sun is out and all I see is girls in skirts and other hot clothes :milk: this week is gonna be challenging :megusta:

      @Rio did u notice changes after 20 days? :pondering:
      Day 4:

      Pressure: 6/10
      Thoughts about sex: 6/10
      Unwanted boners: 5/10

      Felling quite better today, but I'm still kinda depressed. A cutie from our dorm who never spoke a word with me said "Hello" to me for the first time when we passed by and I dare to say she was kinda checking me out, but I can probably blame it on my cool haircut, applied somehair gel on this morning and it turned out pretty good.

      Also, some cringy, but usefull content for ya:
      Day 5:

      Pressure: 8/10
      Thoughts about sex: 8/10
      Unwanted boners: 8/10

      Shit, I almost gave up today. I should really stop watching porn and nude pics now...

      F-22 wrote:

      PrimoXD wrote:

      and I dare to say she was kinda checking me out, but I can probably blame it on my cool haircut, applied somehair gel on this morning and it turned out pretty good.

      Thank you F-22, it's the people like you who try to make people with personal/ity problems feel even shittier than they already are. I hope it's all nice and dandy with you, but some of us are not that fortunate. But guess what, I deal with people like you daily and it's only making me stronger. You maybe know that quite a lot of people in my position have suicidal thoughts aswell and may take this shit seriously, thinking they ain't worth it anyway. I wonder how would you feel if you found out someone you made fun of commited suicide. I wrote that text you quoted because the moment really meant the world to me and I'm not ashamed to say it! I hope that left you thinking.
      I'd probably also have suicidal thoughts after 5 days without fapping. :pondering:

      Actually, dunno if its a personality problem or whatever, but I really have a problem speaking. I never managed to say the letter R in Slovenian language properly, its called the trilled R. So basically every time I start to speak I feel like an idiot because of this and I just don't speak much (even in English, although I can pronounce it good). I usually have a really hard time trying to find friends because of this. But I can't remember a time I would have suicidal thoughts about that. I can't know how much I hurt you mentally by posting a meme, but if you need help, I do have some spare rope in my shed.

      "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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      Maybe you should get some psychological help, Primo. Suicidal thoughts just because of low self-confidence or whatever you have isn't normal and you should consider to institutionalize yourself.

      I have a low self-confidence as well and because of this didn't have a single girlfriend. Besides that I am not even good looking and a typical fat Gamer and series junkie, but I am 23 now and I can live with it, even without such thoughts.

      You, my friend, have a psychological problem and should maybe shutdown your internet for good. You are in the wrong place here, since trolling got normal over the past years. And what F-22 did is one of the cutest trolls I have seen here... :bitchplease:
      It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
      Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown

      Fail fail epic fail! :allthethings:
      Got a 3day fap streak now instead of no-fap, even watched porn for the first time in months..

      Pressure: 9,5
      Thoughts about sex: 8,5
      Unwanted boners: unwanted? :bean: 6

      I failed however I am "growing" "stronger" as time is "slipping" by.
      The fact is I am more self secure than before because I have chosen to "battle" the unicorn; the manpole, hickory dickory clucking bells! All along back to square "root" 1. To be continued... :bitchplease:

      @Primo Note that you might share a more personal story with significants @ anyway unfortunate to hear about this and hope you can manage to set your mind straight. There are no people "like f-22" he is just another guy saying just another thing. Imo it was your interpretation of his post... And remind yourself this forum is not the best resort for usefull advice and understandingness... This is still a community filled with (mostly) single gamers with girl-approaching issues. Now get out there and next time you walk by this her take initiative and say "hello". "Nice boobs". But say it like this "nice dog". Or don't take my advice I'm single for 27 years now :foreveralone:
      @F-22 asshole :bitchplease:
      Time for this thread to get active again. :bean:

      Looking forward to break my personal best, set up exactly 1 year ago - 34 days. :challengeaccepted:

      Current situation: Day 8
      Pressure: 7/10
      Thoughts about sex: 5/10
      Unwanted boners: 4/10

      #NoFapJourney #JoinMe #TurnOffYourPenis
      34 days? :notbad: :milk:
      I've hit the 20days one time and rest usually ends under one week :pokerface:


      Kinda on and off on nofap, but I quit Porn pretty much 100%.

      Day 3 is where I'm at, or 4 #notsureif #countfromthree

      Pressure 7/10
      Thoughts about sex 8/10
      Unwanted boners 0/10

      As a courier I see lots of ladies everyday so the thoughts are hard to control :bitchplease: just trying to get it on a normal level though.

      So going full NO PMO!