about the stopping ball

      about the stopping ball

      So as most of you know stopping ball fucks up almost every match. Anyway , 2 carballers want to create a new league so my question is are you going to work/is it worked on fixing the stopping ball so the organisators can wait this to happen and then create the summer league or it is not worked on it and you are not willing to do the anything about it in the near future so the organisators can startcthe league right away
      I think it was said before that there are no scripters to work on it

      The best solution in leagues is just giving a free goal or The refere dont count that goal

      PS: please any post i do you all guys dislike it please dont do same here pleaseee
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      I will tell you what has been going on for nearly 2 years.
      Neon's scripters are inactive. Firzen doesn't trust any other scripters and leaves the Carball server in a standstill. Merlin created the new Carball server and said he'll continue working but he didn't do it. And he only created it,because at this time, ffs were getting Tjong's Carball and some members (including me) were talking about giving them some of the maps and give Neon benefits. But after Merlin said he'll be working on Carball, I supported him and everyone did, but he's gone somewhere and nothing is happening...again.
      I have no info about the scripting and stuff, but I noticed something about the stopping ball. For a certain time, I almost forgot it exists, as I was more active at late times. Then lately I played some matches and noticed a lot of stopping balls when playing with Ivo and Kekz and some other players. Especially when playing with Ivo, it happened very often. Dunno if this is somehow related, but I noticed it....

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      What the fuck is wrong with you? Ivo has nothing to do with this stopping shit. I don't know how bugged the mode or the server is, but Ivo is with a new PC so stop thinking of delusional possibilities. If there was an active scripter, he'd solve that.
      Well, The stadium is made in a big distance so the draw distance is low, so When the player goes out of your site, the guy starts like he freezes for some seconds in the mini map. The Stopping ball also is caused by the severe different pings, like for example someone is 200 ping and someone is 50. There is a big difference and that sync starts to be shit, so the ball stops from the big syncs. That maybe is the reason

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      What the fuck is wrong with you? Ivo has nothing to do with this stopping shit. I don't know how bugged the mode or the server is, but Ivo is with a new PC so stop thinking of delusional possibilities. If there was an active scripter, he'd solve that.

      And what the fuck is wrong with you? I think i was in no way insulting Ivo, and I do not know why you have to reply only with swear words. I feel like you are attacking everyone.
      I do not know what the problem is, and I do not want to say Ivo pc is bad, but it happened to me most often when I played with him, BUT it also happens when I play with other people. I also cant remember when a ball, which I hit, would stop. That makes me think it has something to do with the client... Maybe a different windows version or anything.... When I installed windows 10, mta lagged as hell for me, until I updated some drivers... It can all be related.

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      if you guys can count... then don't count on it.
      I actually don't think anyone is developing anything right now for carball so imo the next season can be started whenever wanted. But don't take my word for it, wait for a respons from Merlin or so :pondering:
      1. Go ingame.
      2. Observe situation.

      I don't even know, what you mean with stopping ball. I'm just administrating the server (not the MTA server, but the server it's running on), maybe a bit of the forum as well (and the system, :bean: but there's not much to do for that atm).

      Just so you know that I can't help you in any way. The SL should know best about any bugs or whatever issues.

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      We know this bug very well but this concerns not our tasks. Same as the players wich complain about this we only can do the same and did it. Now its up to the Admins and Scripters, inactive or not, to respond to this even if they cant work on it atm. To ignore this makes them/us even more angry.
      It's not FPS or draw distance related. Saying these things without knowledge about the bug makes it only more confusing for the one able to fix it.

      Stopping balls are caused if a player hit the ball when he or she has an confused/disorientated ping. This has nothing to do with the height of the ping but aslong as it's stable there are no stopping balls. Of course players with a higher ping or the ones with moderate internet rates are more susceptible for it.

      The only thing that can fix this issue is when everyone has a perfect internet connection supported by a LAN-Cable, ofcourse we do not live in a world like this so this problem will excist until a scripter can be found who may find a solution for this problem.

      I've attended already a few scripters once, but these were not welcome by Tjong at that time, the way Tjong scripted Carball makes it extremely hard for other scripters to maintain/solve bugs.

      So unless we live in a world where everyone has perfect internet this problem will be solved. My estimation is that we'll be stuck with this for a decade. Best thing to do is to get over it and play along, keep it fair and try to get along with eachother in decisions about free goals or unfair advantages.

      My 2cents.