Neon Clubs , Stadium etc..

    • Design
    • Scripting
      The sandking club textures could maybe merge together with the club management system. For example if someone gets invited to a club they automatically get the textures. Numbers could be hard to do script-wise because you have to do it for every specific player in a club and idk how and if that even works. I dont mind having numbers though, texture is enough with the logo.

      I like the club stadium idea but I don't like it that you have to buy it, every official club or actually maybe the winner or top 3 clubs from for example League, should get their home stadium (prevents from making unnecessary 100 club stadiums while only 5 are active and the rest disbanded).

      And pls don't make the stadium field size too much bigger than the Neon Soccer stadium^^
      Just A suggestion not to lose my time

      are you guys for making a carball Clan war city

      Realistic enough with tshirts (skins modified) and Car skins (modified) and stadium for every club in a diffrent place in the map with the ability to buy it ?

      Just not to lose my time if we made it , it will get added or hosted ?

      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you
      I'm just going to approve content made by yourself. No converting or ripping.
      I also decided to only allow custom object maps. Thats also the reason i removed a few maps, they just use to much objects.
      Even the current main map uses to much objects.

      btw: The original san andreas map is removed. There is no real point in converting stadiums.

      Also dont worry about sandking textures and club sandkings.