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      Carball City

      Guys We can build stadiums around the SA But with the Normal objects and we will change its texture to real pitch items And when a registered club buys a stadium they may get the clan logo on its place in the radar I mean i will insert the logo to the location :>

      There are 25 stadiums at Diffrent places around the Whole SA map LS,LV,SF

      Each clan created by your system is allowed to purchase 1 stadium (Only Clans are allowed to purchase maps) we will be adding more stadiums by time easily same as you will add updates.

      All players start the game with 100k and stadiums are diffrent in cost depending on how you will rate thema stadium for 10k and another for 50 and another for 200 and another for 500 like that

      To earn money you gotta win matches Now about players they cant purchase stadiums to play a carball match they gotta rent the stadium for 1000 in game cash (they will start with 100k cash)

      When he creates a room that 1000 is taken from his balance and send to the Club owner's Cash or the Club Balance if you made one .The team that plays and wins the match gets 5000$ per player as winning reward (Only arena creator will lose the 1000)and you can editor that if you want maybe lower price or maybe each player that plays pay a part of the price so on at the end they get the winning prize if they win

      but i suggest only the leader of arena is the one that pays the 1000$ because he will have access to the arenakick and control his arena

      If he cancels and leaves the arena without starting it he will get the 1000 again

      and last thing to make sure people wont make many clans and spam it to buy stadiums

      To create a clan atleast you should be 3/4 members on it so when he create it a list opens from online players and he should mark the other 3 players he will start the club with and an invitation is sent to them

      if the 3 players accepted then all of the 4 guys are allowed to have stadium as longer as they are clan not only 1 guy in the clan

      All of the above i thought about before sleeping 1 more thing and which is the last touch

      Each club can buy an Hotel around the Whole SA map with diffrent interiors and it can have clan logo in the map as well as the same as The best interior is at highest cost for example 200k for great Hotel

      and lowest interior is for 10k as a motel these hotels will have house icon on the map and when a club buys it clan logo will appear

      When a club owns a Hotel around the SA All players of the club are allowed to enter it Other club players or

      normal players doesn't have access untill a clan leader gives them the access Normal player can buy individual houses only for them at different prices as well and when its purchased the icon will change from green to blue

      Clan players can buy houses Too

      Now about the Buses each clan can have a Bus with the clan's Color and logo but each bus will cost 70k maybe

      and a member of the clan drives it to any place around the whole SA Because when they have a cw or would like to play a match they go together to the stadium of the match

      When a clan member reaches his clan's stadium he will find a marker when he moves on that marker he gets a list which allows him to create a practice arena and/or create a match for free

      he may also do the same at other Club's Stadiums but it is for cash at other's stadiums Players can buy their cars as well from the Car shop and clan members can buy cars too from shop buy it costs money

      We can make cash called nero same as before but now it will have a use unlike old neon carball Guys that was my idea

      Do you know that really if we made this realistic carball and finished it Maybe in many months or in a year
      We can Beat FFS Down
      and also Beat CIT Down
      And Neon may have 500+ players

      The only thing which is missing is how we will make arena detect that f.e NETL will play against EL so it adds the clan logos to the cars automaticly i know how can that be done manually but idk how automaticly

      Note: sorry i didn't use the format cause i copied this and i cant rewrite it after adding the format :<
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you
      Is there a tl;dr for this?
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      Google is a browser :yuno:

      Btw i didnt state we can make all these stuff and shaders and textures . etc

      But we need The main pitch size so all pitches will have the standard size with diffrent resources

      and Merlin will have to add Carball scripts to the maps and finish some few scripts
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you
      So I read your thread now...

      What didn't you get, when Merlin said...

      Merlin wrote:

      I'm just going to approve content made by yourself. No converting or ripping.
      I also decided to only allow custom object maps.
      How do you want to create 50 or 25 stadiums in a short time, without modeling them yourself and by just converting stuff made by others?

      And I think you didn't get the point when Merlin said...

      Merlin wrote:

      btw: The original san andreas map is removed. There is no real point in converting stadiums.
      There is no San Andreas map Los Santos, no San Fierro, no Las Venturas, no Mount Chilliad. THERE IS NO MAP.

      So everything you said sounds more like a whole new game, made by a team of 50 people. Maybe you should give your idea to a publisher or to Psyonix, who made Rocket League. I don't think you will see this happen here. Better suggest stuff, that can be made in a short time.
      It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
      Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown

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      I got all what merlin said

      I wont covert them or download them i will create them but i need the original size

      so all stadiums gets one standard size


      Its not that hard to make a stadium per 3 hours
      while having the size and while others helping me


      I read what merlin said no SA map but that doesnt mean that it cant be re-added
      The SA map is already in the editor i will map the stadiums on it and send it to merlin
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you
      Sorry, but this just will not happen.
      There is a lot more work involved than you think there is. The stadiums made in 3h will all be horrible, carball will be a lot more laggy and with more bugs. It is senseless to do this, since the only "features" it would bring is some decoration and theme. There will be no advantage in the gameplay, it will actually almost certaintly make it all less stable. Carball hardly runs so lag-less on mta even now.

      However, clubs who won a tournament could get a custom stadium with their banners (but not the "common" neon stadium).. That would be easy to do, and might give more spirit to the game, and maybe a fight for better arenas.
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      It's an epic idea actually and it should inspire the lot of you. Go out there in the map editor and build those clubs arenas!
      Would be so nice to see creative stadiums that are "home" of a certain club. It might be an idea to handout a template (neon soccer) base plate with goals and all those coördinates in its script.

      I do like the idea a lot, just imagine driving with ur club from your home stadium to another to challenge them for a fight :megusta:

      However the core of this idea should be easier to implement. Making a menu for clubs in where teams can challenge each other. Matches only can be played with official referees online and official clubs. All scores saved automatically creating ranking charts for both teams and players.
      And clubs can earn Ñero to buy an own teamcolor so when they play it shows their color and maybe some other stuff such as "numbers" teamcreator can assign playernumber to a clubmember which is shown on the car. And there can be a trillion more awesome additions to this but then it has to be created first :okay:

      tl;dr read dis post spast!
      Google is your friend buddy! :yuno: :lol: :bitchplease:

      I know its great i can make the maps as i said but Merlin said

      GTA SA map is deleted
      and F22 said it will make the server lag more and its very hard to be done and there are being more stuff needed to be scripted

      If the idea is accepted im ready to work on it from now on.
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you
      I only said I like the idea, however it is not possible and using a menu instead of driving all over the gta:sa map is much more convenient anyways. If you are going to invest time in mapping: build an awesome carball arena :megusta: :bean: