CM Exclusion Vote #3 (Race)

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    CM Exclusion Vote #3 (Race)

    Should Race be excluded from the Community Member rank? 10
      Yes (5) 50%
      No (5) 50%
    I nominate Race for exclusion from the Neon community member rank.
    Since Race left the United section, there was a gradually noticeable hate towards the majority of other Community members. Many also have the feeling Race made and is making many actions against the server and the community. I believe everyone already has his own mind on this subject, so please vote.

    The majority wins on Aug 2 2016 12:00am CEST.

    "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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    Fine, if you want me removed, so be it. You need to know that I've done much for Neon and Carball development - something that you'll never do. Some members like Barbawix who now vote for my exclusion have come for help to me MANY MANY times. I have done things to help the only good gamemode in Neon left. About this "hate", I just consider things different way. I'd like to see all members vote here even if it is with a "Yes". Please don't save your vote.
    Seriously one more time?

    3 words ok?
    3 words k3kz said

    Costs all that damage to one of the greatest communities i have been apart off?

    K3KZ : Typical muslim bombs


    -Remove race's membership
    -Threatening a server with DDOS
    -Making a club old 2 years + Dead
    -Banning ivo from forum for comparing opinion (still was racism no doubt)
    -Hero leaving
    -then Hero and silver are banned
    -Neon losing many players

    Whats wrong guys
    Do you believe if i told you its shit?

    So if i said 3 shitty words against something

    The community will get that much damage?
    Cant be real

    im really very disappointed of all these actions

    Lets go a flash back
    K3KZ said : typical muslim bombs

    All ignored it like he didnt say it

    Neon is still running peaceful and fun nothing changed?
    what you were gonna lose of that?
    Nothing just neon will run safe without fights.

    Im really really sad ;( ;( X( X( X( X(
    If it doesn't challenge you
    It doesn't change you
    I am not a community member but still i dont really see the point of this exclusion vote. What race did for the server is so much. You could at least have a bit respect and let him be a community member. And you are saying race is making many actions against the server and the community. But at least he has the balls to do so.

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    What I see from here also is that - the vote can end in only one way, because the majority of the Community Members are Regulars. Last signs of "hate" of me because of the situation with Kekz. I inspired Silver to make a report (he wanted it before that), but before that I told him to wait, so I went to Barbawix and the first thing I asked is Kekz to APOLOGISE, which was refused, so from there on I got really angry because this is not how I handle things.

    But this is really mockigly. F-22 (The mighty Section Leader,who hasn't done anything for the server or the development of the gamemodes - at least indirectly, withour scripting) nominates me for exclusion. He even refused to be in C.R.A to help us with some refereeing.

    Maybe if people like Frenk, James and idk who else could vote, the outcome would be diffrent. Still there's Barba, whom I've helped many times with the organisations is against me, because I started something against her clubmate, which I first asked to apologise.

    Fucked up shit.

    Race wrote:

    But this is really mockigly. F-22 (The mighty Section Leader,who hasn't done anything for the server or the development of the gamemodes - at least indirectly, withour scripting) nominates me for exclusion. He even refused to be in C.R.A to help us with some refereeing.
    Sorry, I am really not as mighty as you were, with your endless list of contributions to the server. But please do not say lies about me, as I did not refuse to be in C.R.A, but I did say I am inactive lately.

    Source Code

    1. [30. 06. 2016 13:57:23] Race: Hey, I appreciate your suggestion, but it's a closed thread and it's not for discussion, maybe you want to join C.R.A?
    2. [30. 06. 2016 17:18:44] pikl: lol I did not know it is closed xD
    3. [30. 06. 2016 17:19:08] pikl: I will remove my reply
    4. [30. 06. 2016 17:22:40] pikl: I even checked if it is closed, but I haven't notice it...
    5. [30. 06. 2016 22:52:51] Race: no problem
    6. [30. 06. 2016 22:53:00] Race: the question stays, we need more refs
    7. [1. 07. 2016 11:51:18] pikl: Sure, but I am not particularly active atm... Well if I am, I can ref tho

    Frenk wrote:

    What race did for the server is so much.

    "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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    Well, my opinion on this is here.

    I told Race in Skype, and will also do it here, that I'm sorry but I really do not know what to vote because I still don't have a clear opinion about Race, although he has been here for such a long time.

    It's very true that you can always go to Race and he will help you, in a way or another. And it is also true that he has helped Neon itself a ton, especially United and its Carball sub-section, so for that very reason, I don't want to see him go this way.

    Race has been always someone that have had this... bossy attitude. If anyone is not with him, he will go bossy mode and insult the people who don't share his opinion. Some examples: 1 , 2 , 3.

    I have to say, though, that if there is someone that is honest and you can always go to him to ask for an opinion or whatever related, you can count on Race. His honesty is one of the things that you say "This guy is Race". Wish anyone would have the balls this guy over here has.

    However, I can also say that I don't know if Race really feels connected to Neon, because he does not wear the [Ne] tag even though he is a Community Member.

    By this post, I do not want to say that Race is a bad guy or anything related to that, but it's true that most of his problems are due to his attitude and behaviour. For these reasons already mentioned, I am sorry but I will not vote on this exclusion vote.

    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.

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    I'm not wearing the tag, cuz I didn't know it was allowed to.
    I'm okay with Neon, just some decisions made me angry, but that doesn't mean I'm a traitor or sth. You won't see me saying bad about it, especially for Carball.

    I know that for some this will mean nothing but still:

    Don't click here

    [2016-07-26 18:39:35] [Output] : logout: You were not logged in
    [2016-07-26 18:39:35] [Output] : login: You successfully logged in
    [2016-07-26 18:39:42] [Output] : (SpeedIReal): cey ceyy
    [2016-07-26 18:39:46] [Output] : [A]Messi|W|: nem baj
    [2016-07-26 18:40:00] [Output] : voiceptt: This server does not have voice enabled
    [2016-07-26 18:40:08] [Output] : [A]Race#S: ffs guys, welcome to the better version of Carball
    [2016-07-26 18:40:14] [Output] : [A]PiAxEquip#<~: xd
    [2016-07-26 18:40:15] [Output] : [A]-fifi-Neymar: fffs
    [2016-07-26 18:40:16] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: OMFG
    [2016-07-26 18:40:19] [Output] : [A][Ne]Deamonik|W: Solly u are fgt
    [2016-07-26 18:40:19] [Output] : 'SK//WalK^: hahhaa
    [2016-07-26 18:40:19] [Output] : [A]PiAxEquip#<~: meglett volna ha nem ér bele amúgy lehet
    [2016-07-26 18:40:20] [Output] : UnS//#!uohC: gruhtzafix
    [2016-07-26 18:40:24] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: someone rammed me
    [2016-07-26 18:40:27] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: SOMEONE RAMMED ME
    [2016-07-26 18:40:29] [Output] : [A]Messi|W|: nice goal xDDD
    [2016-07-26 18:40:31] [Output] : [A]-fifi-Neymar: our captain
    [2016-07-26 18:40:33] [Output] : [Ne]Kath^: ok
    [2016-07-26 18:40:34] [Output] : [A]-fifi-Neymar: mvp
    [2016-07-26 18:40:34] [Output] : [A]-fifi-Neymar: XD
    [2016-07-26 18:40:35] [Output] : Veri$on*: OK
    [2016-07-26 18:40:46] [Output] : UnS//#Banana: OK
    [2016-07-26 18:41:19] [Output] : [A]Veri$on*: ( ত ͜ʖ ত )
    [2016-07-26 18:41:26] [Output] : [A]Veri$on*: CRY ( ত ͜ʖ ত )
    [2016-07-26 18:41:27] [Output] : [A]Mezzeky!: golala
    [2016-07-26 18:41:36] [Output] : [A]Mezzeky!: a7a
    [2016-07-26 18:41:38] [Output] : ][A]Race#S: Is the ffs server down?
    [2016-07-26 18:41:43] [Output] : [A]Mezzeky!: ye
    [2016-07-26 18:41:43] [Output] : [A]Veri$on*: ye
    [2016-07-26 18:41:44] [Output] : [A]Race#S: that you're all here?
    [2016-07-26 18:41:46] [Output] : [A]Mezzeky!: new host
    [2016-07-26 18:41:50] [Output] : [A]Race#S: ah u better stay here
    [2016-07-26 18:41:54] [Output] : [A]Race#S: better Carball
    [2016-07-26 18:41:56] [Output] : [A]Veri$on*: :v
    [2016-07-26 18:42:09] [Output] : [A]UnS//#!uohC: world going under cause ffs down hahaha - no life anymore
    [2016-07-26 18:42:12] [Output] : [A]Veri$on*: lol
    [2016-07-26 18:42:18] [Output] : [A]Race#S: hahhah
    [2016-07-26 18:42:34] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: I
    [2016-07-26 18:42:34] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: WANNA
    [2016-07-26 18:42:35] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: JJOIN
    [2016-07-26 18:42:41] [Output] : Veri$on*: OK
    [2016-07-26 18:42:42] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: xD
    [2016-07-26 18:42:45] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: no words
    [2016-07-26 18:42:47] [Output] : Race#S: FFS noobs, this Carball is better, stay here lel
    [2016-07-26 18:42:53] [Output] : [Ne]Deamonik|W: lol Race
    [2016-07-26 18:43:03] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: stfu babe
    [2016-07-26 18:43:14] [Output] : * Bailey felnyújtja a kezét,majd formáz egy P betűt,innen mutatva a hova tartozási jelét

    [.......a guy spammed here............]

    [2016-07-26 18:43:27] [Output] : Csabeee has been muted by [Ne]#CCCCCCKath^. (1000 days)
    [2016-07-26 18:43:30] [Output] : Fabianski|W|: danke
    [2016-07-26 18:43:35] [Output] : ^PELE<~: csa XDDDDD
    [2016-07-26 18:43:36] [Output] : Race#S: Do you know that Bauss bought Carball?
    [2016-07-26 18:43:42] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: a
    [2016-07-26 18:43:44] [Output] : Race#S: b
    [2016-07-26 18:43:59] [Output] : Veri$on*: c
    [2016-07-26 18:44:04] [Output] : ^PELE<~: d
    [2016-07-26 18:44:07] [Output] : UnS//#!uohC: bauss inc.
    [2016-07-26 18:44:20] [Output] : Csabeee has been unmuted by [Ne]#CCCCCCKath^.
    [2016-07-26 18:44:21] [Output] : Race#S: Bauss bought Carball from Neon
    [2016-07-26 18:44:22] [Output] : Csabeee has been muted by [Ne]#CCCCCCKath^. (1 day)
    [2016-07-26 18:44:28] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: u gonna shut up?
    [2016-07-26 18:44:33] [Output] : Moied: solly
    [2016-07-26 18:44:33] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: just shut up lol
    [2016-07-26 18:44:39] [Output] : Moied: solly
    [2016-07-26 18:44:40] [Output] : [Ne]Kath^: is the truth hard to admit or?
    [2016-07-26 18:44:43] [Output] : Moied: u shut up :)
    [2016-07-26 18:44:51] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: we are here to play a bit
    [2016-07-26 18:44:53] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: not to discuss
    [2016-07-26 18:44:55] [Output] : Veri$on*: was 2v3 ez
    [2016-07-26 18:44:56] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: hold on...
    [2016-07-26 18:44:57] [Output] : RalleX: then play
    [2016-07-26 18:45:00] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: who are you again kath?
    [2016-07-26 18:45:03] [Output] : Moied: yea good boy , play and getout then
    [2016-07-26 18:45:04] [Output] : Moied: :)
    [2016-07-26 18:45:05] [Output] : [Ne]Kath^: dunno someone
    [2016-07-26 18:45:07] [Output] : (SpeedIReal): new
    [2016-07-26 18:45:12] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: i played here before you were born
    [2016-07-26 18:45:17] [Output] : Race#S: Solly
    [2016-07-26 18:45:17] [Output] : [Ne]Kath^: haha I guess
    [2016-07-26 18:45:18] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: calm your tits
    [2016-07-26 18:45:20] [Output] : Race#S: I remember you
    [2016-07-26 18:45:28] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: NE and FFS has nothing against each other
    [2016-07-26 18:45:29] [Output] : RalleX: ur such a badass
    [2016-07-26 18:45:36] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: now let us play our fucking game
    [2016-07-26 18:45:39] [Output] : -fifi-Neymar: XD
    [2016-07-26 18:45:39] [Output] : [Ne]Kath^: weren't you here to play?
    [2016-07-26 18:45:40] [Output] : RalleX: then do it
    [2016-07-26 18:45:40] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: stop acting like a complete idiot
    [2016-07-26 18:45:43] [Output] : [Ne]Kath^: why are you trying to pick up a fight?
    [2016-07-26 18:45:46] [Output] : Race#S: u gotta know the truth that's it
    [2016-07-26 18:45:57] [Output] : Veri$on*: +1 to my arena
    [2016-07-26 18:46:06] [Output] : Race#S: cuz Bauss didn't tell u
    [2016-07-26 18:46:09] [Output] : Moied: diss ffs kiss the boots to get this carball
    [2016-07-26 18:46:11] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: he even said
    [2016-07-26 18:46:11] [Output] : Moied: do you know that?
    [2016-07-26 18:46:13] [Output] : Moied: fakk
    [2016-07-26 18:46:17] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: he even said it on the forums
    [2016-07-26 18:46:21] [Output] : RalleX: did he
    [2016-07-26 18:46:24] [Output] : Race#S: but deleted threads
    [2016-07-26 18:46:24] [Output] : RalleX: aha
    [2016-07-26 18:46:29] [Output] : Race#S: so it won't stay for long
    [2016-07-26 18:46:31] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: oh my god
    [2016-07-26 18:46:32] [Output] : (SpeedIReal): killer join
    [2016-07-26 18:46:35] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: no threads were deleted
    [2016-07-26 18:46:40] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: its the main server
    [2016-07-26 18:46:40] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: thead isn't deleted
    [2016-07-26 18:46:42] [Output] : ))ELEGY((: haha
    [2016-07-26 18:46:43] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: now can you let us play?
    [2016-07-26 18:46:46] [Output] : Race#S: play
    [2016-07-26 18:46:48] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: main thread of carball
    [2016-07-26 18:46:48] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: i mean
    [2016-07-26 18:46:48] [Output] : RalleX: just do it
    [2016-07-26 18:46:54] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: we came here to play in peace
    [2016-07-26 18:46:57] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: and you started this shit
    [2016-07-26 18:47:06] [Output] : * -ffs-#faf7beTecho^ grabbing popcorn
    [2016-07-26 18:47:07] [Output] : RalleX: who dou you think your are
    [2016-07-26 18:47:09] [Output] : -fifi-Neymar: XDDD
    [2016-07-26 18:47:13] [Output] : -fifi-Neymar: teko is love
    [2016-07-26 18:47:13] [Output] : Race#S: I even invited you to play the better version
    [2016-07-26 18:47:14] [Output] : [Ne]Deamonik|W: Solly angry cuz losing? xd
    [2016-07-26 18:47:19] [Output] : FFS//Solly#: fuck off dea
    [2016-07-26 18:47:22] [Output] : -fifi-Neymar: XDD
    [2016-07-26 18:47:22] [Output] : [Ne]Deamonik|W: fgt
    [2016-07-26 18:47:26] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: oh my god.........
    [2016-07-26 18:47:47] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: a
    [2016-07-26 18:47:58] [Output] : Veri$on*: b
    [2016-07-26 18:48:19] [Output] : RalleX: c
    [2016-07-26 18:48:20] [Output] : -ffs-HaxZoR: a
    [2016-07-26 18:48:24] [Output] : [Ne]Kath^: b
    [2016-07-26 18:48:27] [Output] : Veri$on*: c
    [2016-07-26 18:48:30] [Output] : UnS//#Banana: d
    [2016-07-26 18:48:43] [Output] : UnS//#!uohC: e
    [2016-07-26 18:48:45] [Output] : RalleX: only kids here gg
    [2016-07-26 18:48:49] [Output] : (SpeedIReal): wow
    [2016-07-26 18:48:52] [Output] : (SpeedIReal): :D
    [2016-07-26 18:48:53] [Output] : * Bailey előrántja/visszateszi a helyéről/helyére a kést
    [2016-07-26 18:48:53] [Output] : [A]Mezzeky!: faq
    [2016-07-26 18:48:53] [Output] : * Bailey felhúzza a pólóját,majd előveszi/elrakja a colt45-öt a pólója alól/alá
    [2016-07-26 18:48:54] [Output] : * Bailey előrántja/visszateszi a helyéről/helyére a kést
    [2016-07-26 18:48:54] [Output] : (SpeedIReal): wow :D
    [2016-07-26 18:48:58] [Output] : [A]Veri$on*: ez pz luck
    [2016-07-26 18:49:00] [Output] : [A]Veri$on*: CRY ( ত ͜ʖ ত )
    [2016-07-26 18:49:01] [Output] : (SpeedIReal): XD
    [2016-07-26 18:49:03] [Output] : (SpeedIReal): XD
    [2016-07-26 18:49:04] [Output] : Bailey has been muted by [Ne]#CCCCCCKath^. (1 hour)
    [2016-07-26 18:49:10] [Output] : UnS//#Banana: shots fired

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    Thank you kath for helping me choose.
    Although I too have noticed a bit of angry attitude from Race, I don't believe we need an exclusion. I think we could use a discussion, not the removal of a member over disagreements.
    If Race wishes to stay, I vote let him stay and lets work this out...

    I believe what you have done in the past is not really relevant here, thats not what community membership is about.(althoug I am grateful)
    :barbecue: :barbecue:

    Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem.
    -Joseph Stalin
    You can see the attitude towards the vote with the like/dislike system.
    I never wanted to leave Neon as a member firstly, but the lack of respect made me do it. But surely I want to stay as a community member to have a stimulus to continue helping Carball (last thing I started for example - C.R.A).
    Well, thinking about it now this vote was marketed to me quite well. I got the link via Mumble right after I saw Race raging in the forum, so I voted yes.

    I actually have the same problem as Kath here. One the one hand, Race appears to always have been a kind of loyal guy. He obviously hates me and doesn't respect me in any way and does weird defiant leaves, but I cannot actually rate his value for the community.

    That means I'd really like to withdraw my vote. Because I cannot do that, I change it to no change, i.e. no. My vote should be excluded from the final result, which is possible, because the participants' choices are public.
    The nuts are refined! They take the coal!
    I like the fact we have someone onboard that has another persoective on things. Sure I've had my own disagreements with Race but never up to a point that either I got offended or didn't have a chance to give him my opinion on a situation.

    Along that side I think you (plane) could have talked with Race before randomly slapping a community member eclusion vote in his face. Note that this isn't about carball/united you want to remove him from neon...

    and as far as wearing the tag ingame, As far as I remember this wasn't allowed for cme's who aren't member of united :pondering:

    Long story short: I don't think its right if Race loses his cme rank over these discussions. You don't all have to agree to get along, and you don't have to get along all of the time. We are different people with different ideas about different things. And I can't grade this as such an violation that an exclusion would be justified.
    If someone says "fuck off" to me, it obviously means he hates me. I can't say I want such people in the community.

    As far as I see it, the "other perspective" of Race only brought hate and no better development of the script.
    Sadly, I hardly remember any of the the numerous contributions Race made to the server, of which most of you speak.

    And @Race if you believe that I am not fit to make this vote because I did not make enough for the United server, you might as well make an exclusion vote for me, since you are still a member. No, I did not make a new gamemode for Neon or anything alike, the only thing I did as a section leader was to give an opinion on certain matters. I also made some small donations to keep the server alive for a while longer, but I guess that means nothing to you, since its only money, and not my life :bitchplease: I am an sl because members voted that they want me to be an sl. If they do not want me, they can ask me and I will resign or leave.

    "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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    Im just giving my opinion here...

    You guys are one of the best Community members along neon
    Race is very old in this community and contributed alot
    F-22 is a great section leaders and i like his opinions many times

    Both of you deserve to be a community members and the whole community agree in that ( in my point of view )
    You both should stay community members

    I know Race somtimes act bossy as kath stated but at the end both of you are humans
    Humans aren't angels , everyone of us has something bad in him so for example race is bossy , i have childsh behaviour

    Race isnt that bossy ingame he is so friendly and F-22 is so friendly in-game
    There happened a fight in the community but its not the right time to lose each others

    Just get back to each other like nothing happened
    If you dont want to do it for yourself just do it for Neon

    "Neon is fun , Neon is Life"
    If it doesn't challenge you
    It doesn't change you
    You're calling me this and this and that, but you're not (we have this saying) a flower to smell aswell.
    You're starting this vote without even talking to me like Pipo said. Barbawix on the other hand has come many times to me and I've helped her all the time during League 2 - I was the first one to set up such a format of a tournament and how she's against me, because I'm against her clubmate.

    And doesn't matter who hates you as long as you have the support of the Regulars.
    You can see that the majority of the Carball is with me including some members, but unfortunately they can't vote and all Basses can (Merlin, Bass, Crannock and the full pack :lol: )

    Whatever, I wish I was the bad guy you think I am, but I'm not. This "fuck off" came after tense conversations in skype. I even say "fuck you" to Ivo sometimes. You're talking that arabs shouldn't be offended by this and that, but this is what you offend of?
    The following number describes exactly how much a Community Membership has to do with Carball: 0

    Maybe you should consider applying as a United Member, if you want to be big there.
    The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

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    Its true, i came often to you expecially in Season 2, same as you did later on with other things. It wasnt an easy descision for me same for the others probably. You did alot for Carball in creating tournaments like the league or other stuff wich develop it.
    Unfortunately you are a person you cant handle that easy, maybe you know by yourself that you are kinda vivacious. Some people hated you for that and some supported you like i did. In past you handled thinks always on limit of the permitted, but in the last days you cross this line with both feet. I also dont want to copy in here what you wrote to me in Skype. This strengthened my descision.
    >> Community Member <<
    Due to Firzen withdrawing his vote,
    the exclusion vote ended with 5 members voting for Yes (56%), and 4 members voting for No (44%).
    Race is no longer a Community Member.

    A rule that was not noticed before states a 2/3 of votes is needed for a kick, therefor Race stays.

    "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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