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    Report Player96

    Your Nickname:Siesh
    Member/Player that you are reporting: PLayer96
    Date and time(optional):now
    The reason is:PROVOKING and insulting me on forum for sharing my opinion
    Show us some edidence (screenshots, videos or others):
    this is clear
    Additional info:He said : seish stay quite this people naked you and mind washed you so eat your tongue and shut up

    He is provoking me and being so disrespectful toward me just for saying what i feel and making some stuff clear
    If it doesn't challenge you
    It doesn't change you
    Could you please just stop with this childish reports all the time?

    [2016-07-27 16:59:45] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: guys
    [2016-07-27 16:59:47] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: pls check this
    [2016-07-27 17:02:04] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: confirm my report against player pls
    [2016-07-27 17:02:11] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: he insulted me very bad
    [2016-07-27 17:02:50] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: guys
    [2016-07-27 17:02:52] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: barba
    [2016-07-27 17:02:56] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: confirm my report on forum psl
    [2016-07-27 17:03:34] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: confirm my report pls i got insulted very bad
    [2016-07-27 17:06:33] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: barb
    [2016-07-27 17:06:36] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: check skype
    [2016-07-27 17:06:40] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: you have to check this screenshot
    [2016-07-27 17:09:31] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: here is what players said
    [2016-07-27 17:09:33] [Output] : Seish[NETL]: Report player96

    Could you just stop with that annoying spam all the time?
    Warned him now with the punishment features we have for this forum:

    Standard Violation
    Points: 10, Expires: In 4 weeks and 2 days
    Reason: Flaming

    See also: Forum Rules

    Case closed.
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