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      Section Leaders of Neon United

      Dear fellow users and members,

      herewith I want to make three announcements in one! :allthethings:

      Yes, there is no need to rub your eyes in disbelief, this is correct. :milk:

      And the reason for this is clear:
      We, the Administration, forgot to announce the past three changes in the section leadership of Neon United! :wat:

      This is why I want to catch up herewith and want to tell you something about our section leaders work so far and the coming work of our newest enrichment.

      » F-22 «
      Section Leader since 10.09.2015

      F-22 became a section leader at the 10th of September, 2015 already, which is almost a year ago! At this time three section leaders resigned from their rank in one week. F-22 was a member and moderator for a long time already and was the right person to follow in the footsteps of ShoX.

      Even the vote of our members made this clear, because he got 17 members voting for him and none against him.

      And he shouldn't disappoint a single member. F-22 fits perfectly in ShoX's footsteps and enriched the section with his knowledge and his nice judgement.

      Plane, as everybody calls him, is a section leader for almost a year now and I, for myself, can say that I wish to have him many more years in this position.

      Thank you for all the work you did already and thanks for the work, that's still coming! :iknowthatfeelbro:

      » Barbawix «
      Section Leader since 11.04.2016

      Barbawix became a section leader at the 11th of April, 2016, which means she just started with her new job! She made the section leader trio an actual trio again, since we had just two section leaders for 9 month. Barbawix is known for her effort for Carball and thus for her tournaments and leagues she organized and still organizes with and for people of our community.

      Even though the members count has decreased from F-22's vote in 2015, 10 people still voted for her section leadership and 1 against it.

      Barba, which is her nickname of her nickname ( :bitchplease: ), has great organisational skills and I really hope we can count on that for the future.

      Here the same, thanks for your work so far and keep on going! :megusta:

      » Kath «
      Section Leader since 02.08.2016

      Kath became a section leader just today, at the 2nd of August, 2016. He follows in the footsteps of Pipo, who just resigned from his position after a long inactivity. Kath, who was a member and a moderator a second time already after he left once out of personal problems, just began his second term as Community Manager and is known for his good work at his tasks so far.

      At Kath's section leader vote, 10 people voted for a section leadership and 1 against it.

      KitKath, or however they call him lately, was doing a great community work so far and I guess he will continuing doing it. He has my fully support here and I have no doubt by Plane and Barba as well.

      As he is the "noob" in this position, here are some words from him he wants to direct to the community:
      "I will be doing my best to fullfill the expectations set on me for this position as a Section Leader. I will give my opinion on explicit discussions and try to take the right and best decision that will take us up to the future. I will make you guys proud."

      I wish you all the best for your new task and take the opportunity to make United great again! :trollface:

      Thank you for reading!
      » Rio «
      Section Leader since 03.12.2016

      Rio became a Section Leader on the 3rd of December, 2016. Around this time, one section leader resigned and one left the section in a short period of time and Rio, being a moderator for a long time, was decided to be the person following their footsteps.

      The result in the vote was clear, and he ended up as a Section Leader with 10 people voing for a section leadership and none against it.

      Rio put a lot of effort in past and currently running Carball tournaments and his organisational talent will complement with Barbawix.

      We hope Rio fulfills the expectations set on him and we wish him the best of luck during his very new position!

      Thank you for reading!

      :neon: :neonmg:

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      » Kath «
      Section Leader since 10.03.2017

      Kath became a section leader at the 10th of March, 2017. Not much else to say after the last post, just that he is back! :allthethings:

      At Kath's section leader vote, 7 people voted for a section leadership and 3 against it.

      As we are planning to do some changes for United, Kath will have a part in the future of the section and the servers. I am convinced, that he is the right guy for this job.

      Thank you for reading!

      :neon: :neonmg:

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