The Neon fantasy premier league.

      The Neon fantasy premier league.

      So guys, this thread is about a fun league which has nothing to do with neon, but with in real life football. The start of the premier league (English football competition) Will start at the 13th of August and there is now a thing called the fantasy premier league.

      How it works:

      It works like this, you have to pick 15 players in a budget of 100 million euro, choose wisely and which players you think will have a good season in the premier league. By how they perform in real life, you get points. And whoever gets the most points will get out on top. I think this is only fun for guys who know football really good, but you can give it a go!

      How to join the league:

      - Press on this link: Fantasy Premier League, Official Fantasy Football Game of the Premier League

      - Make an account (They ask for your real name but you can also fill in your nick name in MTA if you want, would also be clearer for everyone.)

      - Make a team within the 100 million euro. And press Enter squad underneath your team (scroll down a bit)

      - Send your e-mail addres to me by Skype (No scam!!!!!11). (My skype: terrorfrenk)

      - Then i will fill in all the e-mails and give you a code to join the fantasy league. (I will create the league at the 8th of August. This also means you can join till that day. Not any time later.)

      Some usefull information to become second (Because i will enter first ofcourse) :bitchplease:


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