I started to play on the NeoN server in the year 2010 with the age of 11. There was no multigaming or something like that - just race.
      Nowadays we would say "oldschool". Nevertheless NeoN was the server where I made my first race-experiences. After some month I asked Bass if I can join the NeoN-Team (I had to because I was still too young). He accepted and I wrote my first join request (it was pretty hard for me because I had to write it in English :/ ).
      I got the trialship but not the membership. So I tried again - and again - and again :D .
      When NeoN-United was opened I left the server. It wasn't the race server I knew and liked. I broke up with NeoN and searched for new servers and gamemodes. In the end I found a new server but it was a reallife server. When I noticed that the administration wants to start a race server I immediately asked for the membership and later I got the administrator position.
      Now, some years later, I'm 17 years old and I'm still thinking about my time on NeoN. You may see me more often on your server.

      Greetz Gangsta

      PS: Maybe I'm going to write a CW-request soon just to see old friends @Ghost @F-22 @Bass @LTWYD and hopefully some more! :thumbup:

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