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    Rules for posting Maps

    Rules for posting Maps

    If you want to upload a new map to the United server, it should comply the following rules!

    Posting Rules

    Post onlymaps for gamemodes we have on our server. Advertising for your own map, with a gamemode we don't have, will result in a removal of your post.
    If you post a map, please post at least a few images or a video.
    Delete songs and custom binds from maps before uploading!
    By posting your map, you accept, that we reserve the right to edit it, before we upload it to the server.
    The map name (in the meta.xml) should be in the following format:
    [Race/DD/Sumo/DM/Shooter/Hunter]Author - Mapname

    We don't accept bad / bugged maps, this also means maps with too many flickering objects.

    Gamemode Rules

    Deathmatch, Destruction Derby, Sumo, Shooter, Hunter, Air War and Tron maps should have at least 32 spawnpoints.
    Carball arenas should have at least 3 spawnpoints on each side of the field. Place as dumper to make sure that every vehicle can spawn on the field.

    If your map does not meet the requirements it will be DECLINED.