[Stadium] Street Football by Seish

      [Stadium] Street Football by Seish

      Hello :neon:

      Its me again Seish i have been working recently on a project which is a stadium
      I have thought of probable and different idea than normal grass stadiums and i have created a street football stadium

      I hope you like it i have put much effort in it :D

      Video :
      Neon Carball - Street Carball Stadium by Seish - YouTube

      Photos :

      Street Carball - Album on Imgur

      Download : Will be sent via PM

      Note : I am unable to add spawn points due to my scroll being broke
      Note : This stadium doesn't contain any custom textures or models or objects
      Note : This stadium is just a model textures will be added by merlin or someone else since i am unable to add them

      Its not good nor bad in my opinion but i tried my best :)

      The texture of the walls can be changed so it can look like gates but im unable to do that because my TXD workshop is fked up

      Hope you like it
      :D and
      accept it .

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      It doesn't change you

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      Must have taken weeks of meticulous mapping.

      EDIT: In case you didn't get it, it is nothing more than a box with holes, and there are most probably so many objects that there will be lag. :thumbdown:
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      First its not a box

      Second : as i stated textire can be changed to so it will be more realistic to street football stadium

      Third : There was no FPS lag with my noob laptop but wont cost also an Ping lag bcoz its only 244 KB size

      EDIT : Street Football is just a blocked pitch with cement in the land with some lines i just made that box very close to street egypt pitches
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you

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      I like the idea of Street Football.

      But this looks very raw and I think even with textures it feels a bit bland.

      I suggest maybe remove the "Box" and maybe change it somehow like this.



      With fences and urban deco (Bridges, shitty houses with graffiti or something like that)

      I believe in you seisher :)
      Namez thats nice and will take very much time and i will ask for help from some friends but this street football stadium you want me to make will be made out of very much objects and @F-22 says many objects costs lag so that wont be able to happen

      I made this of few objects (233 KB)

      But he says Mechanic got a programm and power than he changed 1 object to a whole stadium and i cant do that im a normal mapper

      I asked my friend he said he can convert real stadiums to MTA stadiums with blender

      so f.e Camp Nou in MTA

      Allianz Arena
      Santiago and real football clubs but merlin says only stadiums made by us so i really dont know

      I think mechanic is the only one able to do carball maps and im done
      i tried but its not possible
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you
      can this be added pls? i like it
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