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    How to make a Report?

    How to make a Report?

    *This is an updated version of the How to make a Report thread made by Race.

    If you feel you have been treated badly, insulted, or anyother inappropiate behaviour on our servers by any of our users, members, or even administrators, feel free to report them with the following format:
    Nick: Daddy
    Reporting: Kath
    Date and Time: 25th of August, 2043, 25:00 CEST/GMT+2.
    Reason: He called me a faggot. :cry:
    Evidence: 1K9ZrLn.png?1
    Additional information: I feel deeply insulted. :rageface:
    Copy this!

    Source Code

    1. [color=lawngreen][b]Nick:[/b][/color]
    2. [color=lawngreen][b]Reporting:[/b][/color]
    3. [color=lawngreen][b]Date and Time:[/b][/color]
    4. [color=lawngreen][b]Reason:[/b][/color]
    5. [color=lawngreen][b]Evidence:[/b][/color]
    6. [color=lawngreen][b]Additional information:[/b][/color]

    Please write after the [/color]!

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