Different Spectator Cams

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      Different Spectator Cams

      Heyho dear Carballer!

      This Idea is, how it is written in the headline :bean: , about the spectator cam.
      Everyone knows atm how it looks when you watch a match, i dont know how you think about it but for me it is a bit too monotonous when i watch a match. Especially for that, i found an idea how to make it more entertaining for spectators - different cam positions.

      Keep a look on this screenshot.
      Here i placed the 4 different cams we could use in future: (maybe more :p)


      The Yellow one is that spectator cam we have atm, you can see the whole field and the the cam is chasing the ball. The blue and the red ones are Goal-Cams. The blue one of Team 1 and Red 1 of team 2. If a team is attacking you see it from near, you can see how teams are defending and you see beautiful goals from 5 meters distance. Purple one is a "live spectator" cam. The cam is placed in the row and so you get a better "in game" feeling as specator in the match. You also see everything much better because you are closer.

      Goal Cams


      Disable the car and you see the game and Pro goalkeeper like Foltn, Hummels and Co. live in action!

      Public cam


      That is a picture how you could see the match (disable the car and put the car 10 meters behinder.


      There you will find place :p

      That was my idea in total. I dont think that it that hard so script (for a scripter like merlin). Its like the cam we already have at another place but i dont want to act hotheaded bcs i dont know for real how difficult that is to add it in. This cams would be also good for montages and maybe also highlites of good matches of good teams bcs you have another perspective how you get entertained.

      Thanks for reading :)

      On April 2014 the server discovered James.

      Clubs were searching for mascots and had problems so James invented animals.

      James showed once a boy how to aim at the goal, this boy is known today as Frenk.

      When James entered the server, Clubs requested for joining him.

      Before hard league matches starts, players are praying to James to gain strenght.
      Well i think it will be much easier if we have free cam mode where we can move with our came around the whole pitch would be more nice .

      The same like when you get free camera mode while mapping


      Just an idea

      Nice idea btw james
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you

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      A free cam could be nice as long as you cant get outside the arena with it.. that would be stupid :bitchplease: (so also not under the floor)
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