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      Rank system

      Waddup :bitchplease:

      Just made up this idea, scrolling through the Forum. :pokerface:

      So.. Right into it.
      My idea basically is having a rank system. This could work with XP, score, goals, or wins. Every rank would have an icon for it. For example, Bronze 2 has a bronze crown with two swords crossed behind it. You could check that where are you in the rank on a line. If the line is almost full, you know that you are for example 69 ( :bean: ) XPs from the next rank.
      I don't think I need to explain this even more.

      That is all. :foreveralone:
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      (Although this rank system [the current one] is more about no-lifing rather than skill itself... :bitchplease: )

      To your suggestion, though. How would you determine (in an automatic way) to what rank does a player belong? Ammount of goals? Saves? Assists? All together? Then it'd just be more about no-life which is what the current system works for. :bean:
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      In my opinion an XP type of ranking would be more like it.
      Ranking does not equalize with Rank. I was not talking about Top 100. That is another thing. (I would not delete the current Ranking system, the Top 100s)
      Imagine it like CS:GO, you reach success, you win, score, get XP, and you rank up. For example ranks like: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.

      Further questions? :bitchplease:
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      Maybe a ranking system for example CW's, where Teams can play and show off competitvely outside of League. You can grind up with your Team by "most wins" or "best win/loss ratio" to get on the top. It can also show some Team-Statistics like scored goals, saves etc. summed up from your team.

      The problem though would be like in our current ranking system. Just play alot = good rank position. So if youre a nolifer and play it 24/7 youre autimatically 1st Rank even if youre not even good.
      Can#t think of a good system atm. maybe somebody knows something. But I like this idea and would be great IF and WILL can be implemented (Can maybe merge together somehow with the upcomming Team-management system thingy that's coming out).

      The idea with divisions (bronze/silver/gold/plat) would be pretty weird to implement tbh.