Game Pause

    • Scripting
      Significant Headline: Game Pause as the title says
      Your Nickname: Seishowski|NETL
      Detailed Description: Okay here's my idea. We can have a command like /pause which stops the game and freezes all the players and the time. but this command should be held in a vote. so for example

      -I Typed /pause
      =Seishowski|NETL has started a vote to pause the game type /pause to accept the vote (If you didnt type /pause then you will be automaticly voting no) The vote will end in 60 secs

      if its a 2v2 then 3 of the 4 players should accept the vote
      also if its a 3v3 then 4 of the 6 players should accept the vote.

      It should be more than 50% .

      One more thing each player got a single pause vote per match.
      You can also bind the /pause command to the letter ( P )

      Why do we need this?

      - Sometimes many of us find that they got something to do and we all stop playing till they are back if we all agreed but the timer keeps counting which give a disadvantage to the losing team.

      - It will help us to have a smooth carball and it will be way more professional .

      - We will find more fairness while trying ti fair play

      Okay thats for the pause.

      Now , have to continue playing?

      You should press type /resume that could be binded to the letter R so you just simple press R
      To resume the game the vote should end with percentage of 100% voting for the resume

      Each pause can only last for a time between 1 - 3 Minutes to evade abuses done by childish people and kids

      I really think this would be helpful and i will be happy to see it comming in game .

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