The Carball Olympics 2016

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    The Carball Olympics 2016


    Dear Neon Carballers,

    It is time to introduce a totally new type of event: The Carball Olympics!
    The idea itself came from this year's Rio ( :isee: ) 2016 Olympic Games.


    It is as simple as you thought - just like in real life, an extraordinary event with various types of games, challenges in one.
    In our situation, Carball Olympics will be based on 6 different types of games:
    - 1 vs. 1 (9 minute matches);
    - 2 vs. 2;
    - 3 vs. 3;
    - 4 vs. 4;
    - 11 vs. 11;
    - and again an 3v3, but this time with Dumpers (you heard it right, let's increase the fun section a bit).


    The schedule is going to be a little bit different to the real life type - Every game has its own week to play:
    The first week, starting from Monday to Sunday is the host of the 1 vs. 1 games - X amount of participants start off in a group stage from Monday to Friday. The weekend is always for the finals.
    Moving on to the next week with 2 vs. 2 with the same structure as above, after that 3 vs. 3, and then 4 vs. 4.
    The 11 vs. 11 will be an event - taking place on a specified date, a 30 minute match of 22 players in the v2 Carball Arena of SOAP (the largest one we all know). Everybody is allowed to join, even in the last minutes.
    The final week will end with the fun part of the event - the Dumper 3 vs. 3 - it is as competitive as the other games, so you have to go for this one as well!


    Every winner of each game gets a gold medal, the second a silver medal, and a bronze medal for the third - just like in real life.
    Now the difference between real Olympics is that this time you do not collect medals for your country, but for your club and mostly for yourself. Because the player with the most gold medals at the final of the event will be crowned as THE Carball Olympic Champion. In the second row, the club with most gold medals collected will be the victor over the other participant clubs.
    In case of 11v11 the medals will be decided by the top 3 scores from both teams (counting in the +300 points for the winning team).
    The medal table will be kept and updated in the following thread: <soon>
    The final winner of the tournament (player with most gold medals) will be rewarded with some great prizes, also the team with the nicest result of golds!


    Standard carball rules, same as in our previous tournaments, leagues.


    You can apply yourself and your team under this main thread in the following way:
    Your name:

    1 vs. 1:

    2 vs. 2:
    - Team Name:

    3 vs. 3:
    (you have to take part with your official carball club in this game, unless you're clubless - in that case you can make your own team)
    - Team Name:

    4 vs. 4:
    - Team Name:

    3 vs. 3 (Dumper version):
    - Team Name:

    Skype ID:

    In case of not participating in one game, put a '-' next to the gametype (see in my example below). I recommend you to participate in as many games as you could to have a bigger chance to earn more medals!

    See an example by clicking here
    Your nickname: Bin Laden

    1 vs. 1: Bin Laden

    2 vs. 2: Bin Laden, Schwarzenegger
    - Team Name: Ladenegger

    3 vs. 3: (you have to take part with your official carball club in this game, unless you're clubless - in that case you can make your own team)
    - Team Name: xCode

    4 vs. 4: Bin Laden, Rambo, Cocojambo, Charlie_Chaplin69
    - Team Name: Tele Tubbies

    3 vs. 3 (Dumper version): -
    - Team Name: -

    Skype ID: livesex1234

    DEADLINE DAY: 11/19/2016 (19th of November).

    Chart of Applicants

    1 vs. 12 vs. 2
    3 vs. 34 vs. 43 vs. 3 Dumpers
    1DaniStalinist NazisThe ComtesCuntZNazi Stalinists
    2BarbawixThe LunaticsZeroKekZ CompanyZero
    3KhamesJonas BrothersThe ShieldThe ShieldRentiersex & Friends
    4SeishSeivoShadow WolvesLighnting LizardsHarambe's Protectors
    5RioVicious and DeliciousThe HypesPredatorsDeath Bus
    6PartyzBlue Moon
    De dikke gay boktor jogurt pap
    7DeamonikRapid Duo

    8RaceHABBO Hotel




    12Kalamir aka. Foltn






    If you have any questions concerning to this event, ask me via Skype (sz_akos99) or via forum PM, or even in-game (please don't spam with questions under this thread as replies here are for applications).

    Let's end this year with a phenomenal and successful competition!


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    Your name: Sir August Richard von Müller Dani (or simply Dani :pfftch: )

    1 vs. 1: Moied

    2 vs. 2: Zero, Moied
    - Team Name: Stalinist nazis

    3 vs. 3: (you have to take part with your official club in this game) Zero, Moied, Proto
    - Team Name: The Comets

    3 vs. 3 (Dumper version): Proto, Zero, Moied
    - Team Name: Nazi stalinists

    Skype ID: patakidani23

    Attention! The players' participation may change. The game we are playing will not. Edit of this post will be expected.
    Moderator and Community Manager.

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    Your nickname: Barbawix

    1 vs. 1: Barbawix

    2 vs. 2: Kalamir (Foltn), Barbawix
    - Team Name: The Lunatics

    3 vs. 3:
    - Team Name: Zero

    4 vs. 4: Kath, Med, Kekz, Seish, Barbawix
    - Team Name: Kekz Company

    3 vs. 3 (Dumper version): Kath, Kekz, Med, Barbawix
    - Team Name: Zero

    Skype ID: Got it!
    >> Community Member <<

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    Your nickname: Jamosa Kachunga

    1 vs. 1: Khames

    2 vs. 2: James, Jona

    - Team Name: Jonas Brothers [JB]

    3 vs. 3: (you have to take part with your official carball club in this game)

    - Team Name: The Shield [<S>]

    4 vs. 4: Jamosa, Racerino, Jones, Infamous

    - Team Name: The Shield [<S>]

    3 vs. 3 (Dumper version): James , Race, Jona, Famous

    - Team Name: Rentiersex & Friends [R&F]

    Skype ID: daniel_lapustix
    On April 2014 the server discovered James.

    Clubs were searching for mascots and had problems so James invented animals.

    James showed once a boy how to aim at the goal, this boy is known today as Frenk.

    When James entered the server, Clubs requested for joining him.

    Before hard league matches starts, players are praying to James to gain strenght.
    Your name: Deamonik
    1 vs. 1: Rio
    1 vs. 1: Partyz
    1 vs. 1: Deamonik

    2 vs. 2: Rio and Partyz -- Vicious and Delicious
    2 vs. 2: Deamonik and Race -- Blue Moon

    3 vs. 3: Shadow Wolves

    4 vs. 4: Partyz, Rio, Deamonik, Kalamir, Lay-Z - Lightning Lizards

    3 vs. 3 (Dumper version): Deamonik, Rio, Partyz, Lay-Z - Harambe's Protectors

    Skype ID: Jamie Olivier
    Some names might change before deadline.
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    Once in a Blue Moon ! [img][/img]
    Oh, There is a wolf ! :cuteness:

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    Your nickname: Hamza

    1 vs. 1: Hamza
    1 vs. 1: Snowy

    2 vs. 2: Hamza, Snowy
    - Team Name: Rapid Duo

    3 vs. 3: Hamza, Snowy, Kalamir, Mito
    - Team Name: The Hypes

    4 vs. 4: Hamza, Snowy, Mito, Honeymustard
    - Team Name: Predators

    3 vs. 3 (Dumper version): Hamza, Snowy, Kalamir
    - Team Name: Death Bus

    Skype ID: hamza_asia

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    Your name: Hummels
    1 vs. 1: Banaan

    2 vs. 2: Banaan & Hummels
    - Team Name: HABBO Hotel

    3 vs. 3 (Dumper version): Hummels & Banaan & Frenk
    - Team Name: RAMadan

    4 vs. 4: Hummels & Banaan & Ivo & Frenk
    - Team Name: De dikke gay boktor jogurt pap

    Skype ID: you got it

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