How to give yourself Admin rights on your MTA Server!

      How to give yourself Admin rights on your MTA Server!

      Hai! :isee:
      Bored. Making this. 8o

      Getting started

      So you have your own server (in case you don't, just click here and see how to get one ==>> How to create your own MTA Server!), now you just want to be an admin on it.
      Listen up, then! :yuno:
      It's pretty easy, you just have to open something and write something. :genius:


      Please, follow these step to step, you never know what's hiding :sweetjesus:

      1. Go to MTA San Andreas (the game's folder) => server => mods => deathmatch => and there you have the "acl.xml" file.
      2. Open the "acl.xml" file (recommended with Notepad++, but you can also use Word :rageface: )
      Here you can see the different ranks with different permissions. You can modify these, but not now, because there is no such thread made by me (yet :pfftch: )
      3. However, loads screw up at this point, because those ones write their names to the ranks, without actually registering themselves :wat:
      What you have to do to avoid this issue, is to connect to your server, and register with the command: /register YOURNAME YOURPASSWORD, then when you come online, you should always log in, to get your rights.
      4. And now, you just have to write your name under the rank you would like to have the rights of.
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      <object name="user.YOURNAME"></object>

      Now, you are an admin! :allthethings:

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