Members of Neon are angry and they do not show it !

      Members of Neon are angry and they do not show it !

      Good evening.

      Today I would like to discuss the situation surrounding Neon, its members and more specifically, future of Carball. What the leaders of Neon should know is that around 99.99% of the members that play Carball are angry with the standstill, which is now for ... much time, I can't say for sure. I can understand them, because Neon doesn't have an active scripter (only pretends to have Merlin, who has been releasing A BIG NEW UPDATE for 7-8 months now).

      He DID something last year, because the leadership had their pants shit, because some group of members including me were willing to give ffs some of the Carball maps of Mechanic (he also agreed to that), because noone was doing nothing (like now), and suddenly, Merlin decided to open the so wanted separated server.

      So back to today's situation. SAME SHIT. Only there's not enough bravery of the members to tell the truth to @Bass , @Firzen , @Merlin and idc who else.

      You will say that Merlin doesn't have time. Then find another scripter. Oh wait, Neon doesn't trust other scripters...
      Wake up, Carball is dying and people don't have motivation to play because of you (leaders/scripters) doing nothing. You better close this shit if you're not gonna develop it anymore, because it only suffers. The tournaments which I organised, which Barba and James organised, which Rio is organising atm - this is work, work, that suffers.

      So it's time for a change, members of Neon have to demand it !!!
      I am totally agreeing on every single point except that we dont have enough bravery to tell it.
      Every time we ask about the update they say merlin is working on it since almost a year now but what else can we do
      what will change if we shown them that we are angry.

      I had like to add if merlin is unable to make new updates then you should recruit new scripters and trust them because you already got nothing to lose at the moment the game mode is dying and wont survive for long the last update was a change of colors people kept talking about for long.

      If you got no updates just say it the first step on the right way is by admitting the problem that will help you on finding a solution .

      We really need new scripts like cash or points and maybe clubs. but atm without scripters the game mode is dying.
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you
      I honestly don't give a duck about Carball. I just play.
      I don't really have an opinion about this whole thing.

      If I would be angry, my behavior would make a perfect mirror to show it to everyone. And if someone knows me, If I am angry I don't do great things. That means I am rarely angry, in Neon, along with real life.

      There is always a solution to everything. If we lose players, we lose them. MTA is not dead yet. If it becomes dead we need to "move" and make other gameserver(s).

      But now that you made this thread, Race.. I think you made a step but not a step to success.

      Thaz ol c:
      Moderator and Community Manager.
      There are 3 things people should know tho...

      First of them is that we should realize that the trio mentioned before is keeping server alive in financial way, 50% of the server maintenance (?) ... and imagination that for example you Race, you are leader of Neon, you would have to pay 300€ every year XD what is enough, if you don't find someone else paying it or any donators and sponsors of course.. :okay:

      Second thing is, that things you have said are right, there is kinda passivity concering the council, and yea project is not moving anywhere, They are all grown men and they are slowly losing interest in Neon i guess, what is understanable because life must go on, this community, more specifically the leaders and neon members are people who are already adults and they are taking care more about other things than Neon i think, it is just matter of time when we will all dissapear and the forum will become inactive, only ones who will remain in here are arabs, like they always do :bitchplease:

      The last thing is that Neon community feels like orcs rescued by Thrall after the second war, there is no energy, no passion and no will, for such actions, because as the leaders, the community itself seems to be passive in my eyes, except people organising events and tournies, who are trying to keep some human beings on the carball. People just come on carball, they play 2-3 matches every day and that's it. Monotonous process without changes. :pokerface:

      Everybody is gonna read this thread, and it ends here, there won't be any change ... Neon Multigaming will end just like Ownage Owls, It was epic and great community once, but the same thing brought them down. :pondering:
      I think I also wrote something similar like this in my resign thread, but GTA SA is nearing 13 years, as well as many of our players ( :lol: ). It is an awesome game, but most of our players play it cause they have old pc's or have it on laptops. There is just hard to find motivation to improve a server on a "dying game". Last time I checked, it is hard to find 20 players online at one time, and most of those are regular. Even if we had an awesome script, the player count would probably not change much. Developing modes which only 20 people will see, for free, is a bit unrewarding.

      So at this point I'd say maybe we could make the script public. That would bring some development to it, maybe even a bit more players on our server, if advertised correctly. Of course, the maps should not be made public, so I doubt there would be many new servers with this mode, if any.
      Another plus is that it might made ffs a bit angry since they bought it from Tjong :lol:
      "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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      F-22 wrote:

      Another plus is that it might made ffs a bit angry since they bought it from Tjong :lol:

      Well, i think you know very well that all the things with the pass of the time get devalue, with this i want to say that even if ffs got angry because they had to buy the script, sorry but they should blame the capitalist system, of course all depends of the author in this case Tjong, who has the last word on what you said.

      Well, now a few words concerning the current thread, it is true neon got down and down since 2014, since united came, we got many players for 2 months or 3 as much, but it was because a new multigamemode(MGM), also a lot of players came and left neon in those days, because the scripted server in my opinion was very nice, but uncompleted since my eyes, with many of bugs in each kind of gamemode, which made neon got less and less popularity till the point some (many new players) only know neon for being bugged.

      On one side we lost a great Gamemode which is DM(Deathmatch), yes, we lost it because united came up and all the good and regular dm players started to loose the interest on a bugged server which you cant play as you would like to, and is very sad since i was one of the most players that loved the "neon race" since i met neon thanks to that server, not because carball, and i should talk for the rest of my old mates who left neon and probably mta because united literally destroyed DM.

      On the other hand, the carball gamemode got up thanks to united i think (i dont know very well) and if you asked me some months ago, i would say "i dont care carball" but since i found the good people, the feeling of a match and thanks to rio, barba, race and the rest of the team who cared for this gamemode to not die as DM did time ago, they tried to survive with tournaments, cards for the players to make it more real (only for us) and league seasons, thats why carball isn´t dead yet, but it decreased too much till the point we have like 15 regulars? maybe less, the rest are random people who are just annoying(not all)

      So with this i wanted to tell you the neon´s career since united came, now the important thing we should care is about to recruit 1 or 2 scripters, who of course should be people who cares about our clan, also trustfull people, but sadly there aren´t many people that are "trustfull" for the neon eyes, or not yet, since is really hard to earn that trustfull. If we are well known in mta is apart of got an uncompleted script, is that is really hard to join in the clan, since we are a little closed family since long long time(i guess since neon was created i dont very good) and because we got a really one of the best forums i could say of the whole mta community, in terms of organizing, thats why i really like neon and thats why i came back even if i was a bit bothered because so many bugs in server and noone who can fix it.

      So, we should take care a bit more for the future of neon as race said, who can develop this great community, and trying to find that trustfull scripter( the chosen one,) for who we have been waiting for years. (maybe merlin will surprise us with a new update in the christmas days :allthethings: )

      Thanks for reading it
      "How Great I am "
      The problem is that neon carball rarely get new players. (If i'am not wrong, I think i'am the latest known player in carball) And we all know why=> because all the randoms won't find mates to play with and they will get refused playing with the experienced players.
      Currently, you all know that I'm working on my biggest Neon project ever, the Carball Olympics.
      It takes a looot of time and effort to organize such a thing, with creating main threads, skype conversations for every specified groups, keeping every result updated, cope with all the 44 participant sides with organizing matches, getting referees, keeping a table of statistics and more.

      All of this I'm doing in my spare time, which is recently so little I couldn't even do else beside this and my everyday duties.

      And before all this would have happened, I thought about a great, special prize, that would make the players much more active and motivated for the Olympics, with getting more participants, and also more activity to carball, which is a key point currently.
      I thought about a special golden car for this huge event's victor, the player who collects the most gold medals in all competitions.

      But the thing is, that I could not realize that, as I am not a scripter. So I wrote a short PM to the one that maintains Carball currently with scripts, Merlin. I asked this simple question.. around 3 weeks ago. Let me show you:


      Here you can see that I've got not a single letter as an answer. He has been active every day since I've asked him this simple question, and he didn't even take the effort to write a 'Yes' or a 'No'.

      So now I ask myself, every carball player, and each and every one of you: HOW COULD WE STEP FORWARD LIKE THIS? When not the scripter, nor any of you give a shit about keeping this mod under control?

      No more words from me.
      I know well that many players and members are upset about the absence of (regular) updates. We're currently on the path of least risk and effort.

      We only have Merlin working on the Carball gamemode and we don't want to recruit scripters we don't know well, because the risk of them stealing the script rather than developing it for Neon is seen as too high.

      Closing Carball seems like a dumb option, because it doesn't add to our costs and there appear to be players who still like playing it.

      So there's nothing we all (except for Merlin) can do about it, sorry. (Well, you could get us developers that bring their own Carball mode and want to create and lead a Neon section.)
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      What kind of updates that should be in carball ? I see no problem in regulars player playing 2-3 matches a day, they dont do it for boredom in my opinion. This discussion wont start when there would be more players. In example yesterday there was 28 players online. And guess, regulars stay with themself. Guests and first time players stay with themself and if a new player joins a regular match they got kicked or its password protected.

      The only angry i see is when some players are loosing, starting moaning in teamchat about opponent players, thats what divide us let this awesome mode die. I am with Dani and Msneki - Its just a game
      Yes we dont let new players play because we dont want stupid fails i am an example in the beginning you didnt allow me to play so i played with my friends till i got little experience and started playing with you this still doesnt say we dont need updates a new scripter rewards . And yeah let carball die neon die. NO ONE GIVES A SINGLE SHIT . I never expected this from you honey
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you

      Siesh wrote:

      Yes we dont let new players play because we dont want stupid fails i am an example in the beginning you didnt allow me to play so i played with my friends till i got little experience and started playing with you this still doesnt say we dont need updates a new scripter rewards . And yeah let carball die neon die. NO ONE GIVES A SINGLE SHIT . I never expected this from you honey

      I am beginner still, but you guys let me play. I can barely hit the ball sometimes. This makes no sense.
      But what you said: "yeah let carball die neon die"... Come on people.. Carball is just a part of Neon. There is United still if we are talking gameservers.

      I understand that it is buggy and "abandoned", but we could make it work if we didn't make Carball work.
      Moderator and Community Manager.

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      Bass just showed me this thread and asked me to tell, what I said in Mumble, so I will quote what I said to Bass, Merlin and Firzen (I think) in Mumble:

      "Why don't you just tell them the truth? Nobody of you is interested in Neon United and Carball anymore and nobody of you is scripting for it. Just write this in the thread and end the discussion."

      Over and out.
      True, I lost the interest in MTA (once again), which means I also lost the interest in our section and servers, but not in this community. This is a multigaming clan and the Regulars are still playing other games together, just like some of you do. So I still care a lot about Neon, since it's one of my hobbies since 2009.

      I put a lot of effort in this clan in the past and I still like to do for it what I can, but the thing is, that I am no scripter @Race (you of all of our old members should know this) and that I can't change how things are going. Merlin and Firzen are most likely the Administration and I am the moderating part of this team. I can simply try to speak with them and convince them to do something about this situation, but I can't force them. In the end, all of us do this voluntarily and in our spare time, just like the section leaders, the people with secondary ranks and the people who organize several events. We don't get any money for this, just a little thanks.

      Besides that, like Deamonik said, we are all grown men, who have to work for a living. Besides our work, everyone of us have to meet responsibilities in our daily life and we also do have families, friends and our spare time. I put most of my spare time in Neon by either moderating or playing. It's not different for the other two, just that they have other priorities than I do.

      So you can't await from me a single shit in the script direction and I said that a thousand times already, but I guess I have to say that another thousand times, just for you @Race .

      Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed!

      It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
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      Guys , you all think of something impossible , Merlin is said to be working and he doesn't even give a shit about the server after the new carball server is made he was working on a "BIG UPDATE" which was only new colors , fix lag and the pings are even more shitty than before and to view the lobby while you are in an arena , why do you still have faith and think that Merlin will do something useful after his big update that was just 3 stupid unuseful things.
      maybe in the future he would start working on things, maybe he is now, but don't who knows, but if you want to keep neon alive , you have to take neon as it is,but in my point of view Neon is dead and i don't think it will live for a period longer than a year
      except people stopped talking about those updates that merlin is not doing and take carball as it is

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      Do you always have to seek attention like this @Race ? You can easily PM the guy and ask whats what. Don't need to keep pushing so violently.

      We have a working carball gamemode which is an achievement in its own. Progress will be slow, especially if everybody keeps badmouthing @Merlin . Give him a break.. ffs.

      I want an improved server just like anyone else but can we please try to communicate in a normal way?
      [img][/img] Image not found! :trollface:
      Not sure if it really hasn't been pointed out here (don't want to read it all again), but maybe a very clear statement is needed in this case, because it starts getting annoying that people flame again and again, because their expectations are not fulfilled.

      Tjong doesn't want to give his script to someone else. Merlin doesn't want to give his modifications on the script to someone else. It is very, very unlikely that there will ever be an active developer for our current Carball or United script because of that.

      It might happen that Merlin will bring updates, but I have no detailed information about this. Nobody is forced to develop anything. We're doing all this voluntarily. And nobody is bound to answering anything. If Merlin doesn't answer your messages, you won't get any answer. It's as simple as that. It's his right to ignore you. And please stop bothering others about it. Merlin rarely changes his mind when I tell him in Mumble that someone asked me to ask him something or wants to find out why he didn't answer.

      About myself: I have no interest in United or Carball at the moment. I'm not willing to spend time on it either. For this purpose, the SL rank had been invented back then. They should take care of everything so the admins don't need to. If I were to lead the United Section, I'd declare it as a zombie, i.e. I wouldn't be doing anything, but the servers would stay up for random playing. Like anarchy.

      Unfortunately we're in a quite deadlocked state. I can't give SL all the rights for everything, because I have to respect the rights of Tjong and Merlin. Also, we've had problems with people rage-deleting all maps. This means SL can't do much as well. United and Carball are sentenced to death. The question is just, how long they'll be dying.

      If this post voids all the reasons that keep you in Neon, you should probably leave. It will not have any effect, though, except that you're not a member anymore. There is no point in abusing leaves as a form of pressure. All outlets are open. :bean:

      What can you do about all this?
      you can take the things as they are and make the best out of it (as many people are doing right now, which is great)
      you can make an own script and open a section
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!
      RIP carball already race dont try to save something that is not yours.

      Maybe "Make your own script" then save it coz they arent planning to achieve anyelse with it they are just amazed that its still luckily alive because of us
      If it doesn't challenge you
      It doesn't change you