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      But out of interest I'd like to know what exactly was the news for you. I mean, if there weren't any news in it, you wouldn't leave right now, would you?
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      Indeed, LTWYD is not an administrator, but somehow he represented you in that message.

      I still had hope on the update of Carball, that Merlin was supposedly scripting. I still had hope, after six months. Being told that it is not in progress, and that you simply don't care, I guess it just hurts a bit.

      Anyways, I still do like Neon, as how it is, and its community. On the other hand I don't like how things were going.

      If you don't care about the MTA scene anymore, which is understandable because it is going to be a dead game in the near future, why should I?
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      I can understand everyone whos going to leave even if im not one of them. You basicially lied on us for months. I saw that Merlin worked on the update so there was interest but you should have informed us about the current situation way earlier. The worst thing isnt that we got no scripter / he lost interest, more that we thought we got one / a big update is in work. Second thing nearly nobody understands is why you dont recruit new scripters when you dont care about the MTA Server anymore.
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      I personally don't care about MTA, because I don't feel like playing it. I'm not playing much at all anyway. It's not because MTA will soon be dead. I wouldn't care.

      But I don't see why you should adjust your personal opinion on that to ours. If you're having fun playing MTA and like it, why give up on it?
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      As well as you are getting shit on because you are just part of the people that don't care, we are getting shit on because our playerbase is basically demanding us the update we've been telling them it's coming from more than a year ago.

      Most of our older players have left now, maybe some days they pass by. I don't know most people that come now, most of them being arabic people, that spam around. I came to the server mostly to chat, and not to play. Knowing that these people don't play anymore because the lack of stuff, and probably for the amount of lies that we've told them, it indirectly affects me as well. Although I may be entirely wrong on these reasons, I'm still losing fun.

      Maybe it is wrong for me to blame my leave towards your answer on the other thread, but in my opinion, a leader needs to move, so the rest of the crew follows. Just seeing that the server will remain like this, losing players each day, breaks my heart.

      In the end, it may just be that I don't want to be there for when the day comes, and there's noone playing, at all.
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      And do you believe that when everyone except you, and people you talk to every day in mumble aka people that dont care about the MTA, is not satisfied with the situation in here, is correct? Why do you think Frenk left, or Kath moment ago? Can't you just see it? Community is asking for something for ages, and leader - you, don't care at all. What is leader good for if he stands by his own opinion and doesn't recruit scripter because he is scared of losing something he doesn't care about or he simply doesn't care about opinion of others. Yes we like playing MTA, but we want to improve it, you didn't know that?
      MTA is losing people, but it still have tens of thousands of active players. And because you are not listening to the community, you are making Neon United and Carball dead, but important is you are having fun with your fellas right? :) Keep doing what you do, and in few months you see empty servers and one post in forum per week.

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      This is when the ice cream licks back. :youdontsay:
      LTWYD wasn't the one who said the quoted, wasn't he? Then? Makes sense now. :isee:

      Easy to understand!
      No care about Carball and United => No care about Members and players.
      Lying to kind of everyone IN THEIR FACE, and this reveals after half a year...

      If you wouldn't recruit scripters, how could we improve? Ah, fuck it, you probably don't care about this neither. :okay:

      I wouldn't expect much better feedback from Neon's members and players. Don't know why you are trying to low-key argue. I think Kath wants to say that we have all been let down.

      But you don't have to care. It won't be worse for us, maybe it won't be worse for you, just in a financial way. :foreveralone:
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      Kath wrote:

      a leader needs to move, so the rest of the crew follows.
      The leaders of United and Carball are the Section Leaders. That rank had been invented to drag away the task of bringing a Section forward from the administration, because the administration realized that it doesn't have the capabilities nor the interest in caring about all Sections.
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      And when these Section Leaders are asking for a scripter for a long time, asking the administration for that to happen, and the only answer is "find one yourself that creates a Carball gamemode from zero and then show it to us" or "we don't trust other scripters apart from Merlin and Tjong", what are we there for? To edit the Memberlist, create some votes here and there, and moderate ingame? Because these are the only things we've been doing for a long time.
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      Well, if you don't manage to build up an own gamemode, we can't help you. I'm a guy who respects others' rights. Tjong doesn't want the Carball script to leave Neon. That limits me to choosing a scripter from the innermost circle, because any other one might steal the script and do whatever they want with it and I'd be the one to blame. In addition, Merlin doesn't want his changes he made to the Carball script to leave Neon.

      I will respect these rights. I once experienced how a roleplay script was stolen by a new scripter and since then I don't trust random people. Also, when I look at what weird people are there in the MTA developer community, I lose even more trust.

      Who would've been the scripter of your choice anyway?
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      Actually, i tried to get a good scripter for neon time time ago, but he was declined fastly, because to be one you have to stay 3 years at least in neon and after all that to be trustfull. so how the fuck can we get one scripter, if we tell him he needs to wait years to be trustable for neon, everyone would say oh then find another one goodluck!

      If you dont care about developing the server, why you dont let us to do it? it is like you dont let and you dont want, so in the end this will die of course, but not for us, but for you. (concerning to mta servers)

      So if you dont care about neon united and carball, you are scared that someone else get something that you dont care :genius: this looks like 2 brothers, the big brother got an old game, but he lost the interest on it, but the little brother wants to play with it, but the big brother doesnt let him to play.

      EDIT:// and sadly that scripter is now one of main developers of six sense clan, which they are at level of ffs or tg.
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      MiT0 wrote:

      So if you dont care about neon united and carball, you are scared that someone else get something that you dont care :genius: this looks like 2 brothers, the big brother got an old game, but he lost the interest on it, but the little brother wants to play with it, but the big brother doesnt let him to play.

      Well said.

      I hope that Tjong has an opinion about this. And why is Merlin so static? Please let us know what your plans are... you've been "hiding" enough. :fuckingkidding:
      Jeez, I'm coming here after 4 or five months or longer and I'm in the middle of a cold war?
      Dafuck just happened to the community and so on I joined two years ago?
      I know I am not the one who has any right to state anything of relevance after half a year of inactivity, but
      even I realize that we are loosing more and more of our community each day if nothing changes.
      This server "lives" from donations. And if there's nobody who donates, we'll no longer be here.
      And it looks to me like we do not have enough donations from the community, only from the admins.
      And if it goes on like that, sometime nobody wants to donate for a server without users playing on it.
      Change something, get new scripters, it can't get even worse than it actually is.

      ~Silent observer - over and out.
      Mito but if its a unique game that he only got a copy of and planning to sell in future it differs here . Its not yet clear for me but as race said there ofcourse be something you are hiding as you are just refusing without giving proper reasons , i mean you give reasons so we try to give solutions but you should refuse. Fine you lost interest in the whole mta game and its dead soon. What would it differ for you if it got stolen its a game mode in a "dying soon game" unless you are having other future plans

      note 70%+ of your users are here only for carball neon is only carball for them aside the community aswell but if carball dies users will be gone.
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      So if you guys are scared that it be stolen why don't you sell it? If neon members could buy the MTA servers and then actually own the scripts we could actually work on them and improve them. Still keeping the name NEON but without you guys having to worry about it any longer.

      Please no Jamie references here :bitchplease: but what I'm saying is the following: We, the neon community, care deeply about neon, the community and the scripts. Unfortunately they are outdated and sluggish. To maintain the interest of those people we should improve the server.

      A. You script
      B. You get a scripter
      C. You let the community get a scripter
      D. You sell the whole bunch to neon members who still care
      E. You sell it to the highest bidder.
      F. You do nothing.

      If you all lost the interest but still care about it, then why aren't you giving someone else the chance to make it great again? -if in the most unfortune case the script would be leaked does that matter? Yes ofcourse and we should do as much about that as we can. But if it would happen would it really mattter if none of you cared about the section anyway?

      Option F. should be abandoned by now... :okay:

      I bid ñ2457447447 that I have on Neon United because I can't spend it on anything cool there :foreveralone:
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      On topic: You will be missed, Kath :foreveralone:

      Other stuff: tldr.
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