Hey guys.
      I think we should all calm down for a moment and search for a solution TOGETHER. That means the admins and the community.
      Kath and Frenk: I hope you both don't leave. Please overthink your decision because i can think that nobody wants you two to leave as you are a part of our community. We are (or used to be) a family, remember?
      In the worst times we should hold together, hand by hand to lead our community to its old affluence again.

      Maybe what the admins want to tell us is, that Carball is just not more as a common gamemode.

      Neon was at beginning a great and huge community and a place to play a lot of gamemodes on 1 server. But as Carball was one of the most innovative gamemodes so far and so fun, it was so special it got an own server and an own "life". We threated it like a new game, with a lot of new updates and we also forgot the other gamemodes of Neon.

      But the fact is that Carball is not special at all - we made it just special as a community. Because we liked it we were engaged to make tournaments, someone started with ideas of "clubs" and so we evolved new possibilities of Carball out of 1 Gamemode and not 1 Game. It is difficult to believe, but imagine that Classic Race would be the most hyped Gamemode of this all, with the Clubs, Tournaments, Races and the own Server and not Carball. Impossibru? No. :)

      The point i want to fix is that we have to admit it that Carball is finished here. The admins scripted carball, finished it and gave it to us. And at this point we have to decide how we keep going up with it, not they. We are all crying because of an update but no one said it is a Standalone Game, it is a gamemode like another. Admins dont earn money on that, dont get anything. At the opposite we also didnt pay anything for it, it is just a present to us. They already finished their tasks at the carball section and cant update it until the end of the world.

      Neon doesnt depend on this 1 gamemode called Carball. Beside this one there are about 10 Gamemodes you can play at Neon, Neon is primarily a community who have to show how they deal with challenges together as a team. WE build it UP, but who is we? We, are Users, Members and Section Leaders interested in this project, if we want to keep this project up then we have to do something. And where is we? We are Fans of this game, which we played for some years now, who are too weak to fight for what we like and love. We are leaving at the moment all. Sounds heroic, didnt it? At the moment it isnt too late, it is just the beginning. And we can decide now which color of we, we are going to be. Everyone.
      On April 2014 the server discovered James.

      Clubs were searching for mascots and had problems so James invented animals.

      James showed once a boy how to aim at the goal, this boy is known today as Frenk.

      When James entered the server, Clubs requested for joining him.

      Before hard league matches starts, players are praying to James to gain strenght.
      James, your points are very accurate. I can agree with everything. Merlin doesn't want to do it, fine. But the least he or whoever it was could do is have some respect at least. Why lying to us? Why talking about updates? Why not answering to other members' messages? Why's that for? I doubt it that he didn't have time to write something like... he's not interested and we shouldn't expect anything from him anymore? Rio and others (including me in the past) has asked him many times and he's just acting arrogant.

      Yes, you are right. They're doing that for no money (or who knows for 100% lol), we have it free. But those answers would have helped. Yes or No. Two simple words. The second part of the title was because of what Rio sent as screenshots - Merlin ignoring once again... most members were not cool with this. This is the reason I wrote the title.

      What we can expect is at least some answers... like, is there going to be..well.. SOMETHING in future or just that's the end of the development.

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      Yes James, most of us know this, but that is not where us being angry starts.

      As Race said above, just like that.