Donation December 2016

      Donation December 2016

      Hello members, players and users of Neon,

      I hereby want to announce our Donation December 2016.
      Our aim is to gather a total donation amount of € 360 within the whole December. These € 360 would suffice to pay our server for the whole year 2017.

      Everyone donating within December will receive the normal Donator time as a thankyou and will participate at a lottery executed on the 1st January 2017. The more one donates the higher is their chance to win the lottery.

      6 months Donator for 35% of all that donated less than € 30 within December 2016.

      OR, if we get a total donation of at least € 360 within December 2016,
      12 months Donator for 50% of all that donated less than € 30 within December 2016.

      A full year (each € 30) of Donator and Financier for all donating at least € 30 within December 2016.

      The following money transfer methods are supported:
      PayPal Friend Money Transfer (usually without fees!)
      PayPal (Link to the thread with the PayPal donation button)
      Bank Transfer (Trusted Neon members :neon: only) (request the bank account data via PM)
      The minimum net donation amount stays at € 0.45 (net). (PayPal: € 0.82 gross ⩯ € 0.45 net)
      Only donations submitted within December 2016 are affected by this offer.
      Eligible for the lottery is, who donates a total net amount of at least € 0.45 and below € 30 within December 2016. That total donation amount will be used to calculate the winning chance.
      The lottery will be executed within the first week of 2017.
      The actual amount of lottery winners will be rounded commercially. There will be at least one winner (if there will be at least one eligible donor).
      The lottery winners' Donator time is fixed to be from 1st January 2017 to 1st July 2017 or to 1st January 2018 respectively. The Donator rank will be assigned within the first week of 2017.
      All decisions are final. By donating, one does not enter into a contract of sale with anyone. A donor may be rewarded with a limited special status.

      (Point at underlined parts to show further explanations.)

      Participating Donors
      NameDonation [€]Chance
      Ciley Myrus
      (150%) 538.74

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      I doubt it.

      The second batch arrived. :pokerface:

      Thank you,
      Pipo for € 30 :allthethings:
      Merlin for € 360
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

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