Reporting: [Ne]Dani

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    Reporting: [Ne]Dani

    Nick: HaxZoR
    Reporting: [Ne]Dani!C
    Date and Time: Today (some minutes ago)
    Reason: Muting me for no reason and acting like a total dick towards players
    Evidence: [2016-12-07 21:18:35] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: keeps lagging and ramming
    [2016-12-07 21:18:40] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: syre
    [2016-12-07 21:18:42] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: sure
    [2016-12-07 21:18:44] [Output] : [A]i1d7oMe!C: rip ^^
    [2016-12-07 21:18:45] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: look at their ping
    [2016-12-07 21:18:46] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: mad cuz bad (It was a joke in the first place)
    [2016-12-07 21:18:58] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: 100 is the normal ping u can get in egypt
    [2016-12-07 21:19:08] [Output] : [A]UnS//#Lipstixx!: wtf
    [2016-12-07 21:19:09] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: depends on the host far from the server fyi
    [2016-12-07 21:19:09] [Output] : [A]Solly#: guys
    [2016-12-07 21:19:09] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: but you have 300
    [2016-12-07 21:19:11] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: asshole

    [2016-12-07 21:19:12] [Output] : [A]Solly#: pause for 1 sec
    [2016-12-07 21:19:13] [Output] : #ff00ffFre#ffffffmszii has been muted by Console.
    [2016-12-07 21:19:14] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: don't piss me off
    [2016-12-07 21:19:20] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: I can do thing
    [2016-12-07 21:19:27] [Output] : [A]Solly#: stop
    [2016-12-07 21:19:28] [Output] : [A]Solly#: pause
    [2016-12-07 21:19:42] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: PAUSD
    [2016-12-07 21:20:10] [Output] : [A]Solly#: go
    [2016-12-07 21:20:56] [Output] : [A]DaS|Mor0: nice
    [2016-12-07 21:20:57] [Output] : [A]UnS//#Lipstixx!: ez
    [2016-12-07 21:20:57] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: there ya go
    [2016-12-07 21:20:59] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: you can do thing?
    [2016-12-07 21:21:01] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: u're just mad
    [2016-12-07 21:21:09] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: mad with powers
    [2016-12-07 21:21:17] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: told you to stop
    [2016-12-07 21:21:25] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: wow
    [2016-12-07 21:21:27] [Output] : [A]i1d7oMe!C: !?
    [2016-12-07 21:21:28] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: stop what?
    [2016-12-07 21:21:38] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: stop talking like this
    [2016-12-07 21:21:42] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: "mad cuz bad"
    [2016-12-07 21:21:59] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: you started it lamo
    [2016-12-07 21:22:02] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: lmao
    [2016-12-07 21:22:05] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: yeah yeah
    [2016-12-07 21:22:07] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: nvm
    [2016-12-07 21:22:08] [Output] : [A]i1d7oMe!C: no dome no win
    [2016-12-07 21:23:26] [Output] : [A]UnS//#Lipstixx!: omg
    [2016-12-07 21:23:35] [Output] : [A]UnS//#Lipstixx!: lag more pls
    [2016-12-07 21:23:40] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: HaxZoR
    [2016-12-07 21:23:40] [Output] : [A]Solly#: dude
    [2016-12-07 21:23:42] [Output] : [A]Solly#: play
    [2016-12-07 21:23:43] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: I am talking about
    [2016-12-07 21:23:44] [Output] : [A]Solly#: stop talking.
    [2016-12-07 21:23:46] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: That
    [2016-12-07 21:23:50] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: ok
    [2016-12-07 21:24:00] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: A phlegmatic senseless vassal lagger can't talk to a member like that (Just look how arrogant is him for fucks sake!)
    [2016-12-07 21:24:03] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: Capsico?
    [2016-12-07 21:24:24] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: Phlegmatic
    [2016-12-07 21:24:34] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: uhumm
    [2016-12-07 21:24:58] [Output] : [A][Ne]Dani!C: Good game
    [2016-12-07 21:24:58] [Output] : [A]Solly#: gg
    [2016-12-07 21:25:05] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: "can't talk to a member like that"
    [2016-12-07 21:25:17] [Output] : [A]DaS|Mor0: agin
    [2016-12-07 21:25:19] [Output] : [A]DaS|Mor0: ?
    [2016-12-07 21:25:24] [Output] : [A]HaxZoR#: your rights don't give you the permission to talk to me like that too
    [2016-12-07 21:25:42] [Output] : #A8ADB3HaxZ#499999oR# has been muted by [Ne]#808080Dani!C. (10 mins)

    Additional information: To be honest, Me and some friends started playing a bit here for a while for fun, and I honestly didn't expect to see people like this guy administrating, like we were playing a game and I made a goal when my ping spiked and then he went totally mad on me despite he knows the fact that me and my friends don't play here a lot. That's how admins should treat the players? or even behave like that? I'm not really mad because it's a 10 mins mute but I just wanted to show you how your members behave, not actually requesting a punishment for him or anything but just tell this guy to behave like any another. Thanks, HaxZoR.
    Well, well. Lot to correct on this one.

    Didn't really seem like you were joking with that "mad cuz bad" thing. I heard it from you before, and what can I say, I didn't like it. I didn't reply to your first one because I just didn't care that much. And now that you said this once I wasn't in my best temperature, I didn't like it, AT ALL. I am also sick right now with a sore throat and headache. I was home alone, wanted to reduce my madness with shouting something but it didn't work, obviously.

    I will check my logs too if I get in front of the computer, just to make sure.

    And uhmm.. "asshole" from me wasn't really nice, but I could've said something much worse. I kinda apologize for that one, though I am not an asslicker. Not.

    When the mute came.. At that moment I just wanted to stop and regreted that I said "asshole", because I am really not that kind of guy that gets mad over everything but this made me do it.
    I knew you weren't going to let it be, and the perfect solution that I found was a short period mute. It also helped US BOTH calm down.

    // EDIT: "and acting like a total dick towards players" I don't know where you got this from. You were the second or third player that I had a conflict with ever since I became a Trial. And as I said above, I am normally not like that. I am friends with loads out there that I could mention.

    Expect the logs right here if I find anything not being the same as HaxZoR's one.
    //EDIT: Checked them, I couldn't find anything in them that was not the same as the displayed above. My grammar clearly reflects in how bad temperatured I was then.
    Sincerely, Dani.


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    No.. Are you being serious right now, to be honest, I never expected that you will get mad because I said: "mad cuz bad" I mean come on dude, we are on the internet how would you get offended by such a small thing. You can just get over it with ignoring. I honestly didn't mean to offend you in any way, also surprised that you got mad because of that. I said it because it seemed funny to me, about your other sentences, get well soon.

    Not really mad because of "asshole" - but what made me report you is "I can do a thing" like wtf man, if you can do a thing, I can also do things. Fair enough, I guess?

    If you really wanted to stop, you could have said nothing after my replies, I surely won't say anything after that too, I ain't a troll if you think so. All I wanted to do is to come and have some fun plays, not really hating on anybody. You shouldn't use your powers in every case you deal with.

    By my sentence "acting like a total dick towards players" I actually meant about me as a player in this server, didn't literally mean "players".

    Feel free to post your logs, I'm pretty aware that I didn't edit anything in the logs.

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    A lot of things might happen, but if I were in Dani's position I would mute you as well (though I probably would not be in that position in the first place).
    Anyway, I would say this report is pretty much senseless, since you are probably already unmuted, and I highly doubt Dani will get (or that he deserved) any warning or sth for doing it. I just wonder what people try to achieve with such reports...
    "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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    I already doubt that you read the report, maybe just wanted to add your touch. Putting proofs on my reports makes my report clearly valid. Do you think that i'm reporting him for his 10 minutes mute? Nope, I wouldn't say any such things if I thought that I deserve to be muted or not. I'm an ex admin in a big server (won't name anything since you know it already). it would be stupid if you call this report senseless just because it's a ten minutes mute. Last but not the least, tell me what would you mute me for if you were in his position? If you can't accept such texts then you can simply leave the internet.
    I understand that he didn't like what I told to him, maybe the mute made it even worse for him. He went AFK and reported me after I muted him. Is this coincidence? And yeah, same here Plane.

    This is my 69th post, by the way :allthethings: