Significant Headline: scooters
      Your Nickname: Kath
      Detailed Description: since we have now dumpers, infernus, boats in carboll .... how about scooters?? I think i like the idea


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      - Paul Walker
      I did not know boats are in carball :milk: I did make a map once, but it was never added... this is a bit pointless as well, playing carball on two wheels wouldn't be the same as it is now. I really doubt it would be fun... you cant turn the bike in air like you can with a car, you cant land on your back... and the smaller mass of the bike wouldn't shoot the ball much, probably. I am not certain of how this is scripted, but there is mass in GTA SA and the "ball" probably has a bigger mass than the scooter, so it may be that the bike flies away more than the ball.
      Its just... few people play other carball stadiums, and even fewer use different cars to play (maybe once or twice).
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      You can add custom settings to any vehicle so adding weight/mass and upgrading its power2mass ratio shouldnt be impossible.

      Apart from that I think its stupid :lol: unless we get a pizzaboy and have to drive over the tribune delivering pizza's to spectators. That would be much much more awesome.
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