Your Projects

      Your Projects

      Hey, I just wanted to post this here as a thread for showing off projects you're currently working on. Doesn't matter what kind of project it is in particular.

      Well you noticed that I stopped programming for Neon/MTA, basically because I lost interest in it. I then worked alot on Android Apps, which resulted in 4 more or less useful Apps. And since two months I started a new project with a few friends from my university which is called: ClassAIC.
      ClassAIC stands for [Class]ic [A]rtifical [ I ]ntelligence [C]omposer and it is mainly a special neural network, which was trained on pre-defined music "rules" and ten-thousands of classic MIDI files and is now able to generate own compositions which it then uploads to its YouTube Account.

      If you want to see the result, here is a playlist of its first 5 compositions:


      You may notice that it is still not perfect, but we're working constantly on it and the neural network also retrains itself all the time, so the quality of the compositions should improve over time. Our ultimate goal would be, that it will be able to even create multi-instrument compositions like Beethoven's 9th symphony, but that is still a long long way to go.
      none. well cause this is me in (group-)projects =