[DM] Darkray ft. ??? - ???

      [DM] Darkray ft. ??? - ???


      Hello guys, today i'm presenting my first ft. request. I was working on this like my v1 but i decided to make it ft.

      Contact me:
      -Skype: anthony_xtreme1

      Note: Thanks to Nefesim for this nice song.
      Thanks to XrToR for the record <3


      ◘Infernus: Tor3to v10.1
      ◘Led Lights: Audi A7 By NitroN (Requested By Miketz)
      ◘Song: Last Heroes X Chaldar - Rise•

      You need a record?

      Contact him
      :-Skype: tolga.sakalli
      I agree to MiT0 here, just finish the map completely as a v1.. seems nice.
      I have NO idea how one would be able to finish this map because well.. I don't have any idea how to control the car like that :lol:
      Also :neon: neon might not be the best place to search for someone to ft. with.. we don't have many (active) mappers here :okay:
      [img]http://neon.neon-gaming.de/img/mechbars/trollface.png[/img] Image not found! :trollface:
      Maybe you could just make an ending... from 2'30" to 3'30" is long enough...
      "People already got banned for less." - Bass