Neon United intro by me (Beta)

      Well no there isn't any problem really but from my perspective I'm telling you that I ain't downloading that. Not only because the risk of it containing virus, trojans or the like, but because I simply don't want to download stuff into my computer that isn't safe software, or from pages I fully trust.

      It would be a million times easier to upload the intro you made to YouTube, it'd be rather beneficial for both of us. To you because you get the chance of more people apart from us to actually watch it and maybe get interested in you, and to us because we don't have to download any crap.

      Thanks for making the intro though, although without watching it, I doubt it'll go anywhere around here.
      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.

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      I do not care enough to download it, same as everybody else. And I heard its rubbish anyway.
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      Neon is love, Neon is life! :neon:

      Apart from that the music is not the type of music I would associate with NEON (It was dubstep :no: )
      And the fact that our main color = GREEN
      And the Neon logo looks like this: :neon:
      It's nice to see you put in the effort, but I can't stretch this enough:
      "You can not create stuff for something/someone you are not"

      Thus: I would highly doubt that your efforts as an outsider will give you a higher chance at becoming an insider because looking at your intro you hardly even tried to figure out who we are and what we stand for creating something that isn't us.

      This is rubbish because of many reasons well explained above, read the whole thing you scum!

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