Your Ideas for the Future of Neon United (not scriptwise)

      Your Ideas for the Future of Neon United (not scriptwise)

      The idea of this thread is to collect your ideas for the future of Neon United in a non-scriptwise-way.

      What does that mean? Well, what do you want to see changed, that doesn't have to do anything with the script of any of the servers.

      Obviously, Carball is a part of Neon United, so this also includes Carball.

      Post here whatever comes to your mind, that would help our server/s staying alive.

      Thanks in advance!

      :neon: :neonmg:
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      *Note, that I wrote all this, before Pipo suggested, to make a collection thread out of it.

      In the following I will explain my ideas for the future of the Neon United and Carball servers.
      The idea consists of the following parts:

      1. Closure of the Neon United section (Carball included as a subsection)
      2. Switch-off of the United Server forever
      3. Carball users and members "clean up"
      4. Appointing Trusted Users
      5. Continue as always

      1. Closure of the Neon United section (Carball included as a subsection)
      The Neon United section is closed completely. This has several reasons:
      • United is no longer really taken seriously as a section. Actual section- or clan-activities, which we had at Race and Fun times, rarely occur at all. At these times there were still proper meetings on certain topics, some even weekly. Real discussions and, above all, debates do not find any appeal in a civilized form.
      • The team spirit among the members decreased, the hostilities and (mutual) recriminations increased. The section turned into a bunch of children and trolls, who have fun with their childish behavior. Many do not even notice what kind of damage they do. The members of the section are barely able to cope with each other in order to achieve a great result. This was different!
      • It does not need a section, just to keep a server running, which brings me to the following point:
      2. Switch-off of the United server forever
      The United server should be switched-off. Let's look at it: Just a few, until nobody is really interested in this server. People play there 10 minutes, see the hundreds of bugs and leave the server again. There are already other, big servers, with a better offer and correspondingly great demand. There they are probably more likely to find a community that is interested in the server, than they do here.

      Furthermore, the server never really got an update and will probably never get it. Perhaps in the future we can think about an alternative, which is better thought up and which is just built on the basis of Neon's principles. Perhaps there is also someone who wants to build something completely new and wants to offer it to Neon. Who knows!?

      3. Carball users and members "clean up"
      Well, this is a really tricky point because it is easier said than done if you do this according to our rules.

      Currently we got the problem that we have some users and members who seem to be no longer interested in Neon, Neon’s principles and its rules. Users and members who give a fuck about decency and who do not realize that they scare players away with their behavior and who reduce the interest in Carball.

      Some of these core players came to me, with the request to change something drastically in the situation. Here is the problem: With our current rules, neither I, nor the administration, or the section leaders have the opportunity or authority. The most drastic possibility would be to ban multiple users and members forever. Let's not pretend that this didn’t happen in the past of Neon. But actually it requires regulations for this. Regulations that we could simply define as an administration, but we don’t, because it violates a firm principle of neon: Democracy!

      This should be decided not only by the members, but also by the users. But who should be banned and why? Well, the "who" is not in my hand and I do not know who should decide this. I will definitely not decide about it, because I would definitely ban far more users and members as the majority would do. But we can clarify the "why". I mentioned the reasons above already: They are not interested in the rules, they are constantly ignored and they behave like the biggest assholes or toddlers. We neither need this people on the street, nor on our server.

      4. Appointing Trusted Users
      Well, we closed the section, switched-off the United server and got rid of the Spasten, but what do we do with the remaining Carball server? Who cares about it?

      Now that we no longer have a section structure and therefore no more members, who would care about the server, everybody can go crazy and do what they want. WRONG!

      Members should be replaced by Trusted Users. These are members who have not been noticed negatively in the past, or these who once were such members. Yes, also ex-members are addressed here! Users can also be Trusted Users. For this, they simply have to adhere to the rules, but also understand themselves well with all other users and who are able to communicate with all our users.

      But who appoints them? Well, either every current member, moderator, and section leader will simply be a Trusted User, or they will apply for this function, and only the administration will decide who will become one. This possibility is similar to the application process we used at the beginning of Neon Race. For this, everyone can say something about himself and why he thinks he would fit for it, but at the same time he will be confronted by some questions from the administration. Thus, it can be simple questions about rules that can be easily looked up, but also situations in which they have to explain how they would handle it. For me it would make sense to do this over voice, so people cannot cheat here.

      I think it needs such a procedure, so that not every idiot gets rights. The rights should be limited to simple things, like mute, kick and at least time bans. Of course, these rights must not be abused. Trusted Users can be reported exactly as normal users can. They would also be punished the same way. When these would lose their status and thus their rights, would still be in question. I think what would lead us here above everything else would be a missing understanding in a correctly reported misconduct.

      That would be my small idea to replace members.

      5. Continue as always
      Well, that should say everything, right? Play, have fun, plan events together, fight yourselves in your club structures.

      Neon also offers you a place to stay, a way to waste your time and to be a pain in the ass. Neon provides the infrastructure that is going to rot, but you can drive it down as much as you want. Or even until our money goes out.

      The Carball forum should remain, by the way, and gets a report area and an opportunity to apply as a trusted user.

      All this does not exclude that the server gets an update sometime in the future. You should only know that we do not promise anything here. If there would be an update at all, it may even happen without a great ballyhoo.

      This is my idea to at least save the part in Neon, which is still actively used and some still care about.

      Anyone who has suggestions, wants to contribute additional or his own ideas to my ideas, can write them under this post. I am open for everything here!

      Thanks for reading!
      It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
      Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown
      Fresh Start
      I do recommend a clean up of the whole membership. Just like when United came out, to kick all the current members on Carball. There are too many members for the quantity of players we have currently, and most of the current members aren't even interested in the section anymore, or inactive. I would say to leave United members there, without kicking them, but Carball needs a refresh. Of course this comes with some responsabilities, who do we keep? I would say the Section Leaders, or the Administration if SL's are kicked out as well. The rest of the members that are still interested in the section would have to reapply, maybe with a direct vote to membership (just like ex-members) or the SL's/Administration decide to nominate a few people and they become instant-members, or SL's, and the procedure we've used before comes.
      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.
      Neon is here for a while now, but let’s be honest, the peak of Neon is far behind us, and we can say that we are in a crisis right now.
      But why is that? Well i think its the decrease of people in the community, specifically in the carball. Why was this thread created ? Because there is something wrong, but what’s wrong? I did nothing bad to no one in neon, if i did i never wanted to do. In my eyes members are doing nothing bad, there is no abuse, or nothing that would signify signs of incorrect behaviour. So was this thread created because members are bad and evil in carball or in the forum ? Hmmm i am sure it wasn’t because it is not truth. Soo If we clean up the memberlist, what exactly would change in Neon and in Carball? Well, in the forum would probably change a results of some votes, and perhaps something else, but that can not come on my mind. And what would change in carball? Not a single thing. Damn, how is that? Well imagine i am kicked and Seish is a member, what would change in carball? Nothing, instead of me, Seish would mute spammers which came from another servers to advertise or spam some hungarians shits. Neon members are equal to a normal users in the carball, we are all on one ship, we are all one family, we all are having fun together, and it really doesn’t matter who is wearing the tag in the carball, because we are there to have fun, which we do, no matter who is member or trusted user. Carball community is small for such things.

      I wasn’t here when you made the first clean up, i really don’t know how big success it had, but obviously big as i heard :P But wasn’t neon on the peak back then? I don’t know because i wasn’t here, but i guess there was much more players, active users and members than now, it’s why clean up was efficient back then. But if you want to clean up inactive players, then let’s make a vote and simply kick them xD
      So in conclusion, clean up will reduce number of members (some inactives), but that’s it, i can not see some bigger advantages of it. Members are not the problem, problem is number of players.
      EDIT: To found a company you need idea and money, To run this thing you need carball and players. Management is secondary.

      Is this what we need? We gain clean memberlist and that’s it. Fresh start is always great, but without players, meh D: . Your idea is more like to clean up Neon from inactive members, but it will not save Neon at all. These ideas are for management, but players are the entity which keep server alive.
      And ideas how to gather players, well i have but it is not realizable unfortunately D:

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      If Neon United gets closed someone of the associates will have to adopt the Carball server after having gotten the permission of the associate majority to do so (and from Tjong for using the script). It will no longer be an official server of Neon, thus:

      Administrators have no rights (by default) there. Apart from that the administrator rank is not for selecting users for special ranks, in this case Trusted Users. Of course the server owner can define that administrators of Neon are administrators on their server by default.
      The Neon rules do not apply by default there. Of course, the server owner can define them to be valid there.
      There is no need for democracy anymore. Private servers are dictated by their owner. If the owner wants democracy, fine. If not, nobody will be able to force them.

      However, final control is removed from the administration and completely passed to one person, which is the server owner. If the server owner loses their associate rank, the server will go down. Also if the other associates take their right to run the server. If Merlin took the server, these risks will kind of be near 0%.

      I will not overtake the server, because I don't have interest in running it. I can say that I won't have problems with the server still using our logo and be named Neon Carball.

      Just wanted to explain you these consequences. The concept of a section is there to ensure a certain amount of democracy, to force the Neon rules on the server and to provide a rank-system people can orientate at. Only sections and Neon itself are allowed to run official servers, only associates with a permission from the majority of associates are allowed to run private servers.
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      I guess that if the SL's agree, it might as well stay as a re-organised section.
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      Firzen wrote:

      If Neon United gets closed someone of the associates will have to adopt the Carball server after having gotten the permission of the associate majority to do so (and from Tjong for using the script). It will no longer be an official server of Neon
      By now it seems to me, that people are more for a fresh start of the section, than for a closure. Even though it means to turn off the United server, the Carball server would stay and it would be a simple name change to Neon Carball (or something similar). So I guess there is no need for an adoption of the server. In the end, if nobody would volunteer, I would do it.

      But my intention was to collect ideas from the members and users and I would like to create several votes afterwards, so we can see what the majority would like to do.

      Pipo wrote:

      I"m not sure if the SL's have a higher saying in this particular matter- at least not Rio.
      Till now nobody got selected for anything and we don't even know what we will do. But in the end Rio would decide about this, as you would do. Atm I am for the SL-moderator constellation, but I guess I will start a vote about the WHO too.
      It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
      Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown