Leaving the community

      Leaving the community

      Good day gentleman,

      As some may have noticed it has gone quiet around me the last couple days, within my profile status I already hint on leaving. I have noticed that I started to lose interest in the game, especially carball. I stayed around still for quite a while, this due to the awesome community and the many friends I have around here. The last week with the rumors about closing the server many have changed in that perspective, some shown me kindness and some shown me little respect and suspect me of lieing. I might have done and said quite stupid things, but I did it to help the server, it is never my intention to harm people, but I do speak my opinion out loud knowing that people do not agree or get butthurt.

      I've seen people come and go here, been part of this community for over 4 years which is longer than I ever expected to stay. I've been member of the clan but that was never my place to be, I rather just stay apart and enjoy the server instead of administrating it, I did help though in my way by donating to keep the server alive.

      Then now the part comes where I want to thank people, I'll highlight a few people for which I am really greatful.

      Frenk, first of all, we haven't been on the best of terms lately but I appreciate you as you are, you changed quite a lot in 4 years and I loved to play with you. We won many prices in carball for which I'm grateful and I enjoyed every moment of it.

      Ivo, you are definitely the strangest kiddo I ever met, you also grown quite a lot over the years, we haven't always been on the best of terms but you are the best in getting me butthurt over something small, for which I like you. Hope you'd be nice to the folks here in the future because I know you better than most people and there is definitely a good and friendly side about you, try to show it more often ;)

      Velo, you'll probably never read this but if you do I want you to know that you are the best friend I have ever met in carball. You made me how I was and picked me up and learned me how to play carball. Hope you do well and thanks for everything.

      Kath, you are the best, you had some tough periods but overall you were kind to me and for that I appreciate you a lot.

      Deamonik, even though you are two-faced :trollface: I appreciate it that you took me in as a wolve during my break-up with vT. You have been kind to me, came to me for advice which shows the respect you had.

      I cannot name everyone here but I thank everyone for the time I've had, although we might not have liked eachother I respect every player in it's own aspect.

      Thank you guys and all the best in the future.

      Fabian - Founder of Venomous Toads(The best thing I have ever created, thanks to Frenk & Bart)

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      You have been great teammate and friend ! There is a wolf inside of you, unleash him and go for a hunt :lol: It was good period of time with you in one club, i know you had a conflict with some people these days, i only hope it didnt make you to leave, because i know you care about this community, and it would be sad to know you leave cuz of the previous situation that happened between us :( But it is a life and you have to move on !
      I used to be kind to people i don't like, its sign of maturity, it is why some thought i am two faced :pondering: ...... two-faced bastard, never believe me or i betray you ! :bitchplease:

      Take care Fabian, let the spirit of the wolf guide you !
      Bye fap! I did not see you much on the server lately, but I remember I had lots of fun when playing with you and other toads, and also lots of laughs. I don't think this thread changes much (and I hope so too). Maybe we see eachother in game again. But I understand that with age, it is harder to find time for games (for me as well). In case we don't, have fun and I hope you have a nice life :)
      "People already got banned for less." - Bass
      Bye Fabian, sad to see another player growing up :cry:
      I've always valued you for your critisism and enjoyed talking with you about many different topics even though we didn't always get along 100%.

      Then I guess it is time to wave you goodbye sir. Farewell!
      [img]http://neon.neon-gaming.de/img/mechbars/trollface.png[/img] Image not found! :trollface:
      Well, even if it was not always perfect between us im sad to hear that youll leave Fab. You were always a role model in my carball life, in the gaming scene as defender and as a person with your attitude and your style.

      I also remind long time ago when i had problems with the community and with Legacy. You came back from sea and were the first one who accepted me how i was and gave me the chance to join vT.

      In this period of time i was a noname and you gave me the trust and the possibility to become a better player in a better environment. I cant explain how thankful i am to have met u.

      Youll always have my respect and be a Legend of this gamemode in my eyes. Maybe well see us again or maybe not. But good luck in future baldie!
      On April 2014 the server discovered James.

      Clubs were searching for mascots and had problems so James invented animals.

      James showed once a boy how to aim at the goal, this boy is known today as Frenk.

      When James entered the server, Clubs requested for joining him.

      Before hard league matches starts, players are praying to James to gain strenght.