Yea, that's it. As my account will be deleted in 3 days (you have to wait 7 days in the forum) I just want to make official, that I resign from all my ranks and leave the community. In the last 2 years I did not do any productive things for the clan anymore and instead of doing just nothing I was often included in senseless wars I regretted the next day. I finally want to stop this and learn for my life from this now.

      Even if I do not take this current Neon thing really serious anymore, I will always remember the old times - my join in 2011, being Section Leader together with Bass, MILPRO, Lexlo, Shox, GGkia, being Administrator with Firzen, having fun on an awesome Race-Server, working on a great idea like Neon United, and so on.

      From now on I will just be some times in Mumble like it is now already and talk about normal topics with the others.

      Especially the time from 2011 to 2014 was a great time for me here and I want to thank everyone who was a part of this, there are always some names of members and users in my mind connected with this which I won't forget. I'm sorry that I will be remembered as the bad guy I was the last time in this forum and not as the guy who really cared about Neon Race and Neon some time ago.

      Thinking about the old times and having a little frog in the throat I want to say: Thank you for everything, sorry for everything and goodbye.

      Love! Good times come and go.
      You will not be remembered as the bad guy.
      Bye ;(

      PS, I was looking at some old map videos you made for me. Great times :sweetjesus:
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      "People already got banned for less." - Bass
      Apparently I joined late because I can't really remember the days we both raced in the Race server or my mind is foggy because I gamed purely on beer and cheetos back then :bitchplease:

      Guess I'll see you sometimes in mumble then, take care! Hope you do well in life! :allthethings:
      [img]http://neon.neon-gaming.de/img/mechbars/trollface.png[/img] Image not found! :trollface:
      I don´t really reply to any posts lately :sleeping: but i just have to reply on this one.
      You guys know i´m a part of this community for a long time (not that active but still :whistling: )
      I totally remember the times we had on the server LTWYD and i just want to thank you for all the things you did for Neon!
      The first years on Neon were just a blast with you and the polite and open behaviour you showed, gave me reasons to join the clan.

      I hope the best for your future :D

      Bye. ;(