Interest Poll March 2017

      Interest Poll March 2017

      Are you interested in a non-whitelisted, vanilla Minecraft server? 30
        Yes, I'm interested! (9) 30%
        No, I want a modded server! (2) 7%
        No, I want a whitelisted server! (0) 0%
        No, I want a modded and whitelisted server! (0) 0%
        No, I have simply no interest in Minecraft anymore/atm! (7) 23%
        No, I don't own the game! (12) 40%
      Dear ladies and gentlenerds! :likeasir:

      I would like to know, if there are people, who are interested in a non-whitelisted, vanilla Minecraft server. For those, who don't know: non-whitelisted means everyone who owns the original game is able to join the server and vanilla means there are no modifications at all. This means your built stuff would not be protected by any modifications.

      Of course such a server would run under our current Neon Mine Rules.

      The server would run at the current stable Java version 1.11.2.

      Please also drop some (Minecraft-)nicks, if you know some more people, that would be interested in such a server and do not use the forum on a regular base. Thanks!

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      would also be interested in the game "Creativerse". If you havent heard of it, its very similiar to minecraft with some nice few different modifications which "refresh" the MC style of play but keep it pretty similiar to MC. Its really fun which i havent thought first, and its also free on steam. I suggest you to try it out. Would also play MC again though.
      So here's the thing. Minecraft on hungarian servers is just horrible, and I have no buddies to play on foreign servers. This is why I would like to see this in Neon's community.

      But. I don't own the game. :okay: I've only played on cracked versions before.

      Just imagine all these members playing Minecraft :lol:
      We'll have a big castle that only we can access! Mwahahah! :bitchplease:
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      I voted for No, I have simply no interest in Minecraft at the moment. Unfortunately, the vote options suck. Bass fixed it. Dislike, if Bass is the biggest Spast.
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