[Minecraft] Neon Vanilla Ice server

      [Minecraft] Neon Vanilla Ice server

      Herewith I want to announce the Neon Vanilla Ice server, that was created by the result of the Interest Poll March 2017 and that got approved by the Associates of Neon.

      The Minecraft server is Vanilla, which means there are no modifications added to the server. So you also have to take the risk of a vanilla server that got no chest, door or plot protection. Which means common sense applies here: Respect other peoples property and yours will be respected as well.

      Server Info
      Address: neon-gaming.de
      Version: 1.11.2 Stable
      World: Vanilla Sky
      World Creation Date: 2017/03/29
      World Generation Settings: CUSTOMIZED
      Gamemode: Survival
      Difficulty: Normal
      PvP: ON
      Whitelist: OFF

      Before you join, make sure to read the server rules first.
      However, 2a and 3 do not apply, because this is an open PvP server.

      Join our server and have fun with your friends!

      Note that the server will later on get a spawn platform with further instructions and rules!

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