Unban request from FerskeN

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    Unban request from FerskeN

    Greetings everyone! A long time ago I got banned for a reason which I cannot remember. This way way back then. However, whatever I did I would like to stand up for it and apologize for my mistake. I really want to come back as a new clean member with no problems and play with joy.

    May this be accepted? Anyways, I hope for positive feedbacks. Please pm me for more information!

    Sincerely FerskeN
    please take a look at our unban template.
    We will definately need your serial.
    Kind regards,
    "People already got banned for less." - Bass
    Nick: GoNe
    Serial: 0847DE9B15A18C4952B97DEA0770B41D
    Admin / Member: I can't remember
    Date and time: Happened around 4-5 months ago I assume. Can't really remember.
    The reason was: I was being rude to a staff member
    I want an unban, because: I would like to come back to this server as a new clean person with no bad habits. I've played this for a while and I loved it, i really wanna come back!
    Hello there,

    Did you get banned from Carball or from United? I've been checking serial bans in both server and it doesn't appear anyone with your serial. I even did unban it, to see if the ban-count decreased, and it didn't, meaning there wasn't anyone with such a serial - in both servers.

    I assume you've written it wrong, or either way this unban request is for another person. An answer would be appreciated!
    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.
    im really not sure if this has something to do with this but.. I bought a new SSD for my computer and installed windows on that. I clean formatted everything and as well lost my old MTA files. Does this have anything to do with this? Maybe I lost my old seriall which was banned?

    Oh and yeah, Im banned from United
    Some members could mistakenly made IP bans. Can you please also write your IP?
    "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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    This actually made me think and look at my screen for 10 minutes straight, because the nickname GoNe was so familiar..
    I almost gave up and started a reply with "I can't remember", but then I finally got the answer.

    I'm pretty sure that it was November and I was playing on United lonely. I noticed that many people appeared on Neon Fun, so I joined to see what's up. Something was going on with a player, I think some Jessica.. She (or he) was acting weird, must have been a troll.
    I don't remember why exactly, but I kicked this player to simmer down a bit, maybe this player was hitting many others making it difficult to play for them.. :pondering:
    The player came back and everything went fine for a bit.. Then an insult came flying towards me from out of nowhere. I made a warning but another insult came and I muted the person for 30 minutes straight away. Then a bunch of players packed up and started firing at me just like if I was some offender.. I was like I will let them do this for a little bit (it was a strange day for me, these people came and they were drunk and breaking all these rules, I was so tired of them), but I already decided that I will ban them. I was argueing with GoNe for a little bit and at some point he said something that it was enough, so I banned two of them. GoNe, and maybe Jessica (or Jessie, Jess).

    That's it, I guess.
    By the way, it's nice to see you care about this server so much. You were behaving just like you came here for trolling only and will never come back again. It's quite surprising.

    Have a nice day.
    Moderator and Community Manager.

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    Thank you for commenting I really appreciate that. And yes, I did troll and insulted which I definitely never should've. I owe you an apology and the server itself. I am really sorry for my awful behavior and for throwing insults at you and affecting players around. I was a stupid troll after all, I am really sorry.. I want to change that and come clean with everything.. So if you could accept this apology It would been much appreciated. I find it quite hard expressing it through a chat but however i'm trying my best. :(

    Anyways, thank you for replying and I'm hoping for positive feedbacks!