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    Carball Season 4



    It's been more than six months since the last League Season 3 ended. People sit in front of their computer, not knowing what to do... "Neon is love, Neon is life" they say. I'll have the pleasure to let you know that the waiting is now over!

    League Season 4 is going to take place this Summer! :allthethings: Again, Carball Clubs can fight for their honor and pride to become the Carball League Champion! Unfortunately, our former Champion "Zero" closed and can't defend its title - However that also means that we will get a new Star on the Neon Carball's sky!

    Register your club now and train every single moment, day and night, bleed and sweat for this Tournament of Glory, the Carball League Season 4!

    Table of contents
    Facts about the League
    New features
    Date and time of the matches

    1. Facts about the League

    • Imagine that we are in a real football (soccer ) league, pretty much what this is about
    • A point system - 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss
    • Carball League Ranking in real time
    • The registration starts from now until 26.March 2017
    • The official season start will be the 27.March.2017
    • The minimum of clubs playing in this season will be 6
    • The maximum of players each club can have in tournament is 6
    • Each club must be registered in our Carball-section
    • One or two referees for each game
    • The referee is one of the C.R.A. | If there is noone avaliable, you are allowed to choose another experienced player (both teams must agree with him)
    • Matches will be played in Neon Soccer arena and will last 15 minutes
    • There will be a League and a Championship

    2. Rules

    • Maximum Ping: 150
    • Minimum FPS: 25
    • A referees word is final
    • Every player has to stay after the match ended until the ref said that every player can leave
    • Goals can get canceled by the referee (lag etc.)
    • Follow the standard server rules
    • Always 3v3 matches
    • Last minute team changes ARE NOT ALLOWED
    • All matches will last 15 minutes
    • If a player gets pingkicked 3 times he IS NOT ALLOWED to join back (if the kicked player refuses to obey and comes back on purpose, his team will lose the game)
    • Ramming is FORBIDDEN
    • Ramming just before the kickoff so someone cant do the it ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN.
    • It is punishable with a direct kicking from the arena and without any possibility of coming back (if the punished player refuses to obey and joins back his team will lose the game)
    • Act always sportsmanlike
    • Multiple clumjumping IS NOT ALLOWED
    • If a team doesnt show up after the match was set up, the other team is allowed after 15 minutes to demand to the ref a 5-0 win
    • If a team doesnt set up a match althought the other team wanted to set it up in the gameweek, the other team gets a 5-0 win
    • If 2 Clubs got the same amount og points the direct comparison decides, if its same aswell the goaldifference does

    3. The new Features

    What is new in this season?

    > There will be a League and a Championship
    > Playerawards to win

    How will this League work?

    The League is set up in two parts. Between these two, there will be a pause of one week. In the first half, every team faces off each other two times. In the second half, only once.

    How will the Championship work?

    Teams that get placed 1-6 after the first half will be able to participate at the Neon Championship. First and second place instantly qualify for the Semi Finals while Place 2-6 have to start in the Quarter Finals. Each team will face off his enemy one time at Home and another as Guest. If both teams have won a match the one with the better goal difference passes. If it's the same there will be a third 5min match with golden goal. In the Finals there will be only one match with golden goal.

    The Awards and Trophys

    > Best Striker: The player in the League with the most goals
    > Best Playmaker: The player in the League with the most assists
    > Best Goalkeeper: The player in the League with the most saves
    > Most Score: The player in the League with the most score
    > Scorerpoints: The player in the League with the most goals+assists
    > Man of the Match: At the end of every match the referee announce a ''man of the match''
    > Hattricks: The player with the most Hattricks
    > Clean Sheets: The defender who got the most "0 goals" from the enemys in a match
    > Best Refree: The refree with the most matches
    > Best Defense: The Club with the best defense
    > Best Offense: The Club with the best offensive
    > Team of the Year: The best striker, the best playermaker, the best defender + a 4th awsome player
    > League Bowl: The League winner
    > Championship: The Championship winner
    > Supercup: The winner between the last League Winner and Last Championship Winner (if Club won both its the Cup winner against the 2nd in league)

    4. How to set up matches

    Every week you have time from Monday to Sunday 8pm. That means that you have to arrange a date for yourselve with your opponent. Skype groups will always be created for you and your opponent to discuss a date. You always have two matches to play per week. It isn't allowed to play more than two, to avoid a mess. When you've found a date you have to inform the organizers.

    5. Your application

    Club name:
    Team Leader's name:
    Team Leaders skype:

    Player 1 name:
    Player 2 name:
    Player 3 name:
    Player 4 name:
    Player 5 name:

    If you have questions feel free to ask me.

    Clubs registered [8]

    - Snow Leopards
    - Shadow Wolves
    - The #Snakes
    - Venomous Toads
    - Urban Beserkers
    - Brothers of War
    - Unknown Strikers
    - Scorpions

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