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    Please, grow up. Frenk was obviously annoying in the chat, and persisted in it even after multiple mutes. I do not care what is in the rules and what holes are in the rules, I'd also ban someone who did all that and was also annoying me in the pm. Mito did nothing wrong, and if Frenk wouldn't spam, nothing would happen.
    "People already got banned for less." - Bass

    cfnjm666gearbxxd wrote:

    Hero^ wrote:

    @Frenk SHOULD I DDOS MITO AND REVENGE FOR YOU?!??!?!?!??!?!!!!???!!!!!????

    Hero are you stupid troll or you think you are funny? threaten with DDOS in a public site :genius: Well done.

    Well close this thread, the 1 day ban has expired, so no need to more bullshit like this here.

    Cant you take one joke you fucking nerd mito? And about the other stuff im not surprised at all, this doesnt happen for first or second time and obviously we (regular carballers) have to deal with that most members take everything serious and act like this community has to be covered with bullshit rules and laws while some of them dont even make sense
    Spam is forbidden on every server in every game i know. In my years as a member and tourny organizer it was always a problem that people searched for gaps in the rules to abuse them. We arent creating nonsense rules outta nowhere, its the community that made us creating more rules (not everyone ofc). Like i said already most of us dont take it that serious so u can joke a bit with spam as long as its not massive but not everyone has to like it and you should respect it if someone wants u to stop expecially if its a member.
    Sorry Fabian, wrong place wrong time.
    But if you have been reading the forum as actively as I have been since the past few years and months (which is on a daily basis, multiple times a day actually). I think I know exactly what is going on.
    And why? Because lately it seems that the regular players are just making a huge mess of the server and behave as if they are Gods, Hero, Frenk, and they use the forum as if it is a shoutbox in which they can just spam and spam and be childish.

    I'm pretty much fed-up with that nonsense.
    I don't have much spare time because of a demanding job at the moment and other things in life.
    But with all this demotivating messages each and every time frankly if I had the time I wouldn't even come if there are just kids trolling all the time.

    And if that isn't annoying enough then get this: the majority if ever punished gets unbanned right away because: logic! :genius:

    So now I see Frenk (for the 10123981283912938 time heavily misbehaving and so on and you insta be like: no you were both wrong...) Actually Mito didn't do anything wrong.

    Thanks for clearifying with a second post I'm not mad at you just totally done with idiots (such as Frenk).