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      Nick(s): vT-Fab(Fabian)
      Birthdate: 15-Jan-1995
      Country: the Netherlands
      Languages: English, Dutch, German.
      Contact-Information: || E-Mail: || Skype: Fabian150195 (I guess, dunno you have it anyways) ||
      Something about your MTA-Career: Been in Neon before as a member, left due to not agreeing on the path that Neon took that time, also disagreed with the members about cetrain things so decided to keep my hands to myself.
      Why do you want to join Neon?: Because I'll make Neon a better place :trollface: Now without kidding, Kath literally asked me to write this application because it seems like you could use my wisdom :bitchplease: I would mainly join because of participating in polls, having an voice in the clan matters and handing you a better view of the current situation on the server(Carball) which I'm semi-active.
      How can you support Neon or the community?: By my retardness, as most say! Will be able trying to advance a few plans I have for Carball, thus I'll be able to tackle discussions in an early stage. Honestly, I do not see myself as a perfect member, far from it, I doubt that I'll make much of a change, but Kath has plans for me and asked me to at least make an application, whatever the outcome, it won't change much in my eyes, but seems like help is more than welcome.

      Thank you for reading, blabla :love:

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      Why is EVERYTHING green :milk:
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      Best thing is it applies to both Fabian and Bass :trollface:
      I'll keep it short.

      I'll withdraw my application due to the recent stuff that has happened.

      I will not let myself get into this any longer, I want to stay a regular carball player without the need to get into discussions and decide stuff in a team that(as it looks from the outside) does not want to work together.

      Kath asked me to do this, yesterday night I was quite positive about this, so I decided to go on with it, this simply was a mistake. I thank Kath for the trust and if you need any of my ideas or thoughts, simply send me a PM or contact me via skype.

      For now, I can be found on the carball server and wish to be a normal player and I'll not try to bring up any ideas anymore as this simply didn't seem to go so well.

      No hard feelings, I thank you for your time and afford, wishing you the best!