Unban request by Frenk

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    Unban request by Frenk

    Nick: Frenk
    Serial: 50F6E5B273F65CFB679B6F63E789C944
    Admin / Member: Bass (actually everyone involved in the poll)
    Date and time: 19th of July, 18:00.
    The reason was: Overall bad behaviour, both forum-side and server-side.
    I want an unban, because: I believe the forum ban is completely deserved as my attitude was really really bad here and I was doing it on purpose. Nevertheless I don't think the ban ingame was as deserved as the forum one, I already got punished for an action I had done (MiT0's case) and have been banned on the server for a week already without even giving me the chance to defend myself on the vote that was going on. I do this request because I want to play again on the server.

    Thanks for your time.

    *This request only affects server-side.
    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.

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